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DC Spotlight September 7, 2021 Releases

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Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom are here to chat about the DC Comics releases for the week of September 1st 2021. It’s a big week with the end of Infinite Frontier and multiple Batman, Green Lantern and Suicide Squad books. Join us for all the in depth breakdowns.


Swamp Thing #7 –  In Rocky’s favorite DC title this week, we see the beginning of how Levi Kamei was chosen as the latest avatar of the green and how that ties in so closely to his relationship with his family. Plus writer Ram V explores the age old question of progress versus tradition. How moving forward with innovation is often times in conflict with respecting the past. All this, plus the Suicide Squad is still hot on the heels of Swamp Thing.

Writer – Ram V, Artist – Mike Perkins, Color Artist – Mike Spicer, Letterer – Aditya Bidikar


Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1 –  If you had your doubts that Superboy would ever work with Amanda Waller, you aren’t alone. This annual puts it all on the table as we see just how far Waller has gone and will go to get what she wants. Rick Flagg has known this for quite some time himself and it seems he is finally going to do something about it. Could this be the beginning of the end for “The Wall”? One can only hope.

Writer – Robbie Thompson, Artists – Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira & Dexter Soy, Color Artist – Chris Sotomayor, Letterer – Wes Abbott


Suicide Squad #7 –  Hot on the heels of the team discovering just how Amanda Waller got her own Superboy for the team, Waller is now sending the team to hell. Their mission is to recover the Rock of Eternity, but their new teammate and teleporter, Ambush Bug, seems more intent on warning the team about what their future might hold if the keep following Waller’s Orders. Meanwhile is seems clear to everyone, support staff, subordinates & the squad themselves that Amanda Waller has gone out on her own and is attempting to operate with impunity.

Writer – Robbie Thompson, Penciller – Eduardo Pansica, Inker – Julio Ferreira, Color Artist – Marcelo Maiolo, Letterer – Wes Abbott


Blue & Gold #2 – Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for our two favorite heroes, Ted Kord has been fired & removed from Kord Industries just as he was about to get the corporation to sponsor Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. To make matters worse, before Ted can even let Booster know, the constantly self=promoting super hero is already making the announcement that he and Blue Beetle are available to Joe Q Public for help with any and all needs.

Writer – Dan Jurgens, Artist – Ryan Sook, Letterer – Rob Leigh


Green Lantern #6 – We see the attack on New Korugar from a different perspective as Jo Mullein arrives to smooth things over with Sinestro as Simon Baz attempts to get Teen Lantern under control. Meanwhile we learn about the threat of the Gold Centurions in the Dark Sector, but just as John Stewart us about to launch a rescue mission to save Kilowog and the other de-powered lanterns, he discovers a spy in their midst. Just who is Lonar of the New Gods and what does he want?

Writer – Geoffrey Thorne, Artists – Marco Santucci & Tom Raney, Color Artist – Michael Atiyeh, Letterer – Simon Bowland


Green Lantern 2021 Annual #1 – Last we saw Jessica Cruz she was taking out three Yellow Lanterns and being offered a yellow power ring herself. Well, it seems she took the ring up on its offer, even if it was just so she could use it to return home. However, along the way, when she stops on New Korugar to return both the rings and the three defeated members of the Sinestro Corp, she is faced with a tough decision, give up the ring and be powerless to help her fellow de-powered Green Lanterns or keep it and become part of a corps that terrorizes the galaxy in an attempt to control it. What Jessica doesn’t count on is getting a chance to use the ring and realize that fear can be a useful tool and not in the way you might expect. If anyone knows fear it’s Jessica and she may be leading the Yellow Lantern Corps before you know it.

Writer – Ryan Cady, Artist – Sami Basri & Tom Derenick, Color Artist – Hi-Fi, Letterer – Rob Leigh


Infinite Frontier #6 – We learn that upon the recreation of the multiverse all the versions of Darkseid have been combined into one, powering up this last remaining mad god to unprecedented levels. So while the Flash manages to escape and the Justice Incarnate team is seemingly victorious for now, they all know that Darkseid has only just started to plot how he will take over the multiverse. It may fall on the shoulders of Justice Incarnate to save the day once again, but Barry Allen may have found an unexpected ally as, Pariah, from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths returns.

Writer – Joshua Williamson, Artist – Xermanico, Color Artist – Romulo Fajardo Jr, Letterer – Tom Napolitano


Batman Catwoman #7 –  This issue brings the incredibly talented Liam Sharp on for art duties while the pacing of the story begins to speed up. All the separate storylines are starting to come together just as Selina & Bruce’s daughter is asking some difficult questions about the relationship between her mother and father. Questions we as readers may have been thinking ourselves.

Writer – Tom King, Artist – Liam Sharp, Letterer – Clayton Cowles


Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1 – It’s a bit hard to saw just what the narrative is here. We saw Amanda Waller meet her demise last issue and the detonator for the neck bombs fall into the hands of the Joker. Rather than have that force the squad into action, they choose to stay back and wait for the Joker to come to them, but when he does, it’s now entirely clear what he wants.

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Artist – Alex Maleev, Color Artist – Matt Hollingsworth, Letterer – Jared K. Fletcher


Batman #112 – Fear State gets underway properly as Batman is able to escape from Scarecrow, but it’s too late to stop the plans that have started to unfold. As Oracle informs Batman that all her systems have been compromised, he attempts to purge his system from the new fear chemicals the Scarecrow affected him with. Can Batman gather his Bat-Family in time to stop Scarecrow? And will it matter since Simon Saint and the Magistrate have started their maneuvering to take over Gotham City as well.

Writer – James Tynion IV, Artist – Jorge Jimenez, Color Artist – Tomeu Morey, Letterer – Clayton Cowles


Crush & Lobo #4 – Maybe all it took for Crush to stop sulking and bemoaning her life was to end up in prison in place of her father. It certainly seems to have sharpened her concentration as she quickly devises not only a plan on how to be identified as her true self, but how to convince the warden to let her go and capture her father. There is a BIG showdown brewing and we can’t wait to see father and daughter throw down!


Black Manta #1 – As Black Manta works to recover items stolen from him, we begin to see that powerful forces are at work. Does Manta have what it takes to harness these forces on his own? We’ve never seen him in the magical corner of the DCU before, but the power he craves may lead him in that direction.

Writer – Chuck Brown, Artist – Valentine de Landro, Color Artist – Marissa Louise, Letterer – Clayton Cowles


Nice House On The Lake #4 – The inhabitants of the house have learned that anything they desire just about they desire can be theirs. In a way the fact that they have survived the end of the world, can have their hearts desire and live in a paradise could mean they are in heaven. However, this heaven can also be seen as a prison, they are certainly not free, they have lost loved ones and the final piece of the puzzle could also be seen as a blessing or a curse. Just check out the final page of the issue and then decide for yourself.

Writer – James Tynion IV, Artist – Alvaro Martinez-Bueno, Color Artist – Jordie Bellaire, Letterer – Andworld Design

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