– by Emmanuel Gomez

Warner Bros’ DC Universe streaming channel’s first live action series will be Titans. But we know that from that series will spin off another live action series Doom Patrol. The group will be introduced in the fifth episode of of Titans in a self titled episode “Doom Patrol”. We already know about some of the characters that we are expecting to see from the group, but that thanks to ThatHashTagShow.com we know about one that we will not see until the spin off.

The have gotten exclusive details about Kay Challis a.k.a. Crazy Jane. They are reporting that she is somewhere in their 20s, sexy with multiple personalities and somewhat of a Harley Quinn-esque character.

Crazy Jane first appeared in DC Comics Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #19 in February, 1989. She was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case and ever since her introduction has been a fan favorite member of the group. During the Invasion! story line she was exposed to Dominator gene bomb that caused her to suffer from multiple personality disorder. 64 personalities to be exact and each of them have her own super ability.

An interesting note about this character is that this will be the first time Crazy Jane will be appearing outside of comics. She has never been featured in any films or television series in live action or animated form.

Who do you think should play Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol? Let u know in the comment section below!

Warner Bros’ DC Universe streaming channel will debut sometime this fall.


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Source: ThatHashTagShow.com