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SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2! You’ve been warned! There be SPOILERS about!

Already need more Deadpool 2 in your life? Well, director David Leitch is already on it.

Cinemablend confirms that a Deadpool 2 Extended Cut is currently in the works, which they learned during their discussion with Leitch:

“There’s an extended cut. And I think that they may want to spin that out as a special thing, but right now I’m sort of… we’re taking our time, and it’s going back to the ‘director cut,’ and then sort of collaborating with Ryan [Reynolds], Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick], and making sure we’re all getting all the jokes we want – to have it be fun and our sort of fun collaboration.”

Cinemablend goes onto to explain the “director cut” is the earliest cut Leitch put together after production to show Ryan Reynolds and other producers. It runs at two hours and 12 minutes long, twelve minutes longer than the theatrical cut.

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The final extended cut is more than just adding scenes back into the movie, however. Leitch explains how Deadpool 2 Extended Cut will be unique and what it will include:

“The suicide scene is in there, and there’s a scene in the mansion in the kitchen over breakfast. There’s some extra Domino stuff. There’s a lot of fun little bits, and then a lot of alts! We’re looking for every place we can put an alt.”

More thought seems to be going into this extended cut than normal, it seems. Involving the writers and Reynolds is fantastic. And we get alternate jokes too? Now that’s how you make an extended cut truly worthwhile.

Are you excited for the Deadpool 2 Extended Cut? Or are you fine with what you got last weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Cinemablend