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A couple years back, Deadpool hit theaters and really changed things for the superhero film landscape. For the better part of two decades, studios ran under the assumption that these big budget films needed to be PG-13 in order to truly succeed. Fox took a chance with the crass, foul-mouthed, and ultra-violent character of Deadpool, and along the way, opened up the possibilities for R-rated superhero films.

It’s now a couple years later, and the new trailer for the upcoming sequel has just hit the web as of yesterday. LRM reached out to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, and had a chat with him about the trailer, Deadpool 2, and everything fans have to look forward to from the character and property.

Check out our full interview below, but of course, if you have yet to see the trailer…watch the damn trailer!

What are your thoughts on the brand new trailer?

Liefeld: Oh my gosh, I’m just so glad you guys are seeing it. I’m just … After being with these characters for so many years, you feel like you have a new think about it. I was hopeful that people would react this way. I mean, come on. It looks gorgeous. [Director] David Leitch is, I mean the way he shot this film is … people’s eyes are just gonna be falling out of their heads. It’s so beautiful. The frame, the composition. I mean, Ryan [Reynolds] has loaded this thing. It’s non-stop humor. Non-stop. It’s one thing to see it. It’s the other thing to have the rest of the world see it and based on the early reactions, I think it will work tremendously. My social media’s just blowing up, as I had hoped and figured it would. Again, just Ryan is obviously in a producer capacity in the first and then this film, has just, you see his fingertips all over it and it’s just … I mean, the skit in the middle.

Right. The “Toy Story” sequence.

Liefeld: It’s not a Deadpool trailer if there’s not a skit in the middle, right? So no, I just … Everybody at Fox is just operating at such a high level on this. And the fans can see it. They see that these movies are special, that this Deadpool family of films now is just ridiculously unique. They’re doing their own thing. It’s working in a giant way. I mean, the humor doesn’t feel forced. It’s part of the recipe. But again, at the same time, then you look at you go,  “Everyone looks amazing.” One comment I got on my social media was, “Why does everyone in this movie look so godd**ned awesome?” And I go, “Okay. I’m not gonna argue with that.” Of course they do. I agree. Yeah, it’s just great. It’s just great to see.

Have you had a chance to see a cut of this movie yet?

Liefeld: I’m fairly certain I can’t answer that, but I … I’m fairly certain I can’t answer that, but I think we’re all in for a real treat.

Right. Well, maybe there’s no way you can answer this as well. What does this movie bring that maybe the first one didn’t have?

Liefeld: Well, I think you saw it from the trailer. This movie actually, they actually gave the filmmakers money to spend on this movie. The first movie, hats off to everybody involved, Ryan, [Deadpool director Tim Miller], everybody. But I mean, I remember, okay. I was on set. I was on the set for both films, and I remember the first film, it was just awesome. They kept finding these really derelict location spots to have the grim and gritty settings. Whether it’s the bar or the apartment. And then on Deadpool 2, I’m like, “We have sound stages! Giant sound stages that you can park multiple space shuttles in. And wait, there are four sets, two sets on each sound stage, and at least two of them are going at all times.?” I mean, it was amazing. It was just amazing to see the scope. And again, you’ve got David Leitch. I cannot say how impressed I believe everyone is going to be with what David has accomplished here with his scope and his vision.

Look, you’re going to see, Deadpool 1 was Alien, a brilliant film. Deadpool 2 is Aliens, when they widened the scope and the movie got bigger but nothing got left behind. Everything you loved was still contained within, you know. So, I really believe that that’s where we’re headed. Deadpool 2 is definitely … I mean, just look at the scope of the cast. I think the trailer tells the story that you’re in for something better. And again, I’m just gonna tell you right now, the response across all my social today, the diehard fans that put Deadpool in the rarefied air that it exists in. I mean, Deadpool broke all sorts of records. It has a great pedigree and certainly had a lot to live up to with the sequel.

And it’s so exciting that people are getting a glimpse of what’s to come, and they are flipping out. Like I said, if you search some of the comments on my Instagram, on my Facebook, on my Twitter, “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe. This is gonna be better than the original.” That’s high praise and it’s coming from the fans, not Rob Liefield.

So I really believe we with have an Alien, Aliens situation here. Both movies are genius pieces, brilliant pieces of work, but they were completely different. That’s the feeling, again, and it’s very important that you communicate that I’m saying that’s the feeling I get.

So in the trailer, we got a first look of Cable, an extensive look at Cable. We’ve seen photos of him, but here we see him in motion, we see his tone, his overly serious tone obviously clashing with Deadpool. What are the core aspects of the Cable character that you think were important to capturing this movie?

Liefeld: It’s all there. He says it. “I was born in ‘Nam. I was bred in war. I was born in pain.” That’s the gist. He’s a guy obviously on a mission. You’ll find out what that mission is as you watch the film. He has always contrasted. Cable was always my straight man. The book needed Cable when I introduced in New Mutants, when I sold him to Marvel. It was the idea that there would be a brand new figure that was different than Xavier or Magneto, and he filled that role. But one year later, I introduced Deadpool, and come on, there needed to be some contrast. I didn’t need another straight guy. Deadpool … I’ve said it for years. When people go, “Sum up Deadpool.” He’s a smart-ass. I created him as a smart-ass. And today with the smart-ass, meet badass. Perfect. It’s perfect.

That’s what it is. It’s you’ve got this soldier who meets this crazy person who we all love. And seeing them work it all out is part of the fun of the film.

We didn’t see much of her in the trailer, but what can we expect from Domino?

Liefeld: I believe that people are going to flip out over Domino. Here’s the deal. The reason that people have always liked Domino is the minute she stepped foot in the comic book, the same comic book that Deadpool debuts in, Deadpool takes down Cable and the whole team, and then Domino takes down Deadpool. She resonated because she was just cool. And, you know, Zazie Beetz was the coolest person possible to play Domino, and it shows because Domino is just cool. She is super cool. People are going to love her. I’ve already seen all the young ladies who are cosplaying as her.

Honestly, Domino is the great secret weapon of the movie. She is the great X-factor. The movie is being obviously sold on Deadpool and Cable, but people are gonna come out loving Domino. I mean, Zazie is just amazing. Who’s gonna go toe-to-toe with Ryan, with Deadpool? I mean, it had to be somebody who could stand her ground, and I think just people are gonna flip. She comes with the Domino effect, which is part of her powers. I think people are gonna totally dig her. She is fantastic. She looks great, but it’s just like why do people like this character? It’s because she’s cool. She’s just cool. And Zazie captures that essence, and you’ll see why I’m saying all this. Obviously, I’m parsing my words.

Is there anything you could say that maybe we haven’t seen that you’re looking forward to most in this movie for people to see?

Liefeld: Okay, yes. I can say that there is a whole s**t-ton that you have not seen and you are not gonna see, and it is to Ryan and Fox’s credit that they are keeping it all hidden from you. They continue to peel slight layers away, but that’s what I can say. Get ready because this one’s gonna blow you away. I would not say that, I would not be this confident, if I didn’t know better. And I am telling you that that’s the brilliance. All my friends at Fox all the time, all the marketing guys, I love them. They have, look Deadpool 2 was the last big summer movie to show its hand, okay. That awesome Bob Ross skit, that was some sort of acid trip.

That was amazing.

Liefeld: To get you in the right head space. But really, I mean what did it have, eight seconds of footage ultimately?

Something like that, yeah.

Liefeld: Today you’ve gotten your bigger picture, but they’re doing such a good job. They’re doing such a good job of not playing at any, I think of the big reveals. There’s so much you don’t know, and I believe … I mean, look. I had completely become convinced that the movie didn’t need a trailer because there’s so much anticipation, and why give everything away? So many people give so much away today in their trailers.

Right, yeah. Then they do it by just creating brand new content that you’re not even gonna see in the movie.

Liefeld: Exactly. So look, again. I mean, come on. That toy skit in the middle of the teaser. It’s sheer delight. Just awesome to watch. But again, when you look at it and you go, “What have you actually seen from … Did you see 50 seconds of footage today? Did you see 45 seconds?” You combine that with the eight seconds two months ago. Have you seen a minute?

Yeah, about a minute. Yeah, pretty much.

Liefeld: So anyway. Look, everything’s great. These guys, they are just kicking so much ass. Ryan is a genius. Josh and Zazie are brilliant, and David, I now call him Master Leitch because he is a cinematic guru. I mean, this guy, come on. I mean, I’m just telling you. People, it’s gonna be fun. May 18th will be really fun.

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel hits theaters on May 18, 2018.

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