– by Seth McDonald

The Deadpool 2 set has been unusually quiet since resuming production in mid-August, after a tragic accident took the life of stuntwoman, Joi “SJ” Harris. Today comes the first fans have heard from the set since the film resumed production in mid-August. From actor Josh Brolin, who plays Deadpool’s sidekick Cable in the upcoming film, we get this rockin’ Instagram post that features the actor and legendary Guns n’ Roses guitarist, Slash. You can check out the post below.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would Slash be on the set of Deadpool 2? Could he be there giving guitar lessons to Ryan Reynolds for a sweet scene involving Deadpool playing a face-melting solo? While I like where you head is at, that probably isn’t the case. And before you get your hopes up for a cameo, it appears from the text in Brolin’s Instagram post that Slash was simply there visiting Brolin and whoever this El Sarcastico person is (the smart money is on Reynolds), and unfortunately was not there to film a cameo. That is kind of a bummer in my opinion. While I am not sure of the global ramifications and potential fallout of a Slash appearance in Deadpool 2, I do know that I can’t think of a more fitting superhero movie for Slash to show up in.

Deadpool 2 will open next June and hopes to recapture some of the magic that made the original such a hit. For the sequel Ryan Reynolds wanted to keep roughly the same budget and keep Deadpool’s world small. This caused the original movie’s director, Tim Miller, to exit the project, he was replaced by David Leitch. Along with Josh Brolin joining the cast of the sequel, the film will introduce the character Domino, to be played by Zazie Beets (Atlanta).

What are your thoughts on this photo? Was Slash really just visiting? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Josh Brolin