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DEADPOOL is really proving to be the little engine that could. After spending six long years in development hell over at Fox, Ryan Reynolds’ passion project finally took off when the test footage for the film was leaked online. Since that point, the studio and creative team have made all the right choices in service of the character, even allowing the film to be rated R, despite the stigma that comes with R-rated superhero films.

This gamble seems to be working out in DEADPOOL’s favor, as it has taken in $12.7 million at the box office for Thursday preview showings, the largest haul for February previews ever, Box Office Mojo reports. It even beat such films FIFTY SHADES OF GREY ($8.6 million) and THE HANGOVER: PART II ($10.4 million).

So what does this mean for the film’s weekend numbers? Box Office Mojo admits that their numbers are conservative, but they’re still putting the film at $62.27 million for Friday/Saturday/Sunday (including Thursday previews), and $72. 61 million for the four-day weekend. Other sites, like Deadline, aren’t so conservative, tracking the four-day weekend at $80-$90 million.

No matter what way you look at it, however, DEADPOOL appears to be a resounding success, given its low budget of $58 million (at least that’s the budget according to Box Office Mojo). In addition, just a couple weeks back, the film was tracking at $55 million for the weekend. Who would’ve known that the merc with the mouth could pack such a punch?

What are your thoughts on these numbers? Where do youthink the film will end up by Sunday night?

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