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EXCLUSIVE: With a new trailer type thing dropping today for Deadpool 2, the wait is nearly over, and it won’t be long before we have The Merc with the Mouth back on the big screen. LRM’s own editor-in-chief Joseph Jammer Medina had the pleasure of speaking with someone who knows a thing or two about Deadpool, creator Rob Liefeld, and what he had to say should alleviate any doubts you may have for the upcoming film.

Liefeld started discussing one big difference between the first and second film:

“I think you saw it from the trailer. They actually gave the filmmakers money to spend on this movie. The first movie — hats off to everyone involved — [star Ryan [Reynolds], [Deadpool director Tim Miller], everybody. I was on set for both films, and I remember the first film. It was just awesome that they kept finding these really derelict location spots to have the grim and gritty settings, whether it’s the bar or apartment. And on Deadpool 2 I’m like, ‘We have sound stages! Like giant sound stages that you can park multiple space shuttles in. And wait, there are two sets on each sound stage, and at least two of them are going at all times?’ It was amazing to see the scope. And again, you got [Deadpool 2 director] David Leitch — I cannot say how impressed I believe everyone is going to be with his scope and his vision.”

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While everything seems to be bigger and better for Deadpool 2, Liefeld used a classic sci-fi franchise to illustrate that Deadpool 2 will still have everything fans loved about the first film, as well as bringing some new elements to advance the franchise:

Deadpool 1 was Alien, a brilliant film. Deadpool 2 is Aliens, where they kind of widened the scope and kind of got bigger, but nothing got left behind. Everything you loved was still contained within. I believe that’s where we’re headed. Just look at the scope of the cast. I think the trailer tells the story that you’re in for something better.”
What a great comparison to use to illustrate where he thinks the Deadpool franchise is headed. There are very few sequels that can even be argued as being better than its predecessor, but Aliens is certainly one of them. Oftentimes, the creator of a comic character is not happy with the on-screen portrayal, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Liefeld and Deadpool, as he seems as enthusiastic as anyone, and why wouldn’t he be? Deadpool rocks!
Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18.
Did Liefeld’s words relieve any doubts you may have had about the film? Let us know in the comments down below!

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