– by Anthony Esteves

Comic book creator Rob Liefeld has been loving life the past few years.

His Deadpool creation has been a film fan favorite since his solo on-screen debut in 2016. With actor Ryan Reynolds as a driving force both in front of and behind the camera, Wade Wilson has become the vulgarly-entertaining “Merc with a Mouth” that the movie-going general public wasn’t aware they needed. With the success of two films and the merger of all of Fox’ Marvel properties now under the umbrella of Marvel Studios over at Disney, as well as the PG-13 altered Once Upon A Deadpool, many have wondered what is next for the foul-mouthed mutant. Liefeld has an answer, but not regarding Deadpool’s future. Instead, he has two words for Reynolds’ future: Green Lantern.

No. This isn’t a joke… at least, I don’t think it is.

Early Thursday morning, Liefeld tweeted out that he feels now would be a perfect time for Reynolds to return to DC and don the CGI green once more. He believes that Reynolds could now do wonders for the character that he was unable to do back in 2011. Check out the tweet below:

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While I do believe there is hope for a future Green Lantern and that maybe a film that gave Reynolds more freedom would be an improvement to the 2011 flop, why give up a good thing? Reynolds as Deadpool is simply perfect. His performance is why I became a Deadpool fan. I started reading the comics because of him. I even have Deadpool pajama pants because of him.

Comfy, fuzzy Deadpool pajama pants that I wear while clutching my pink unicorn…

What do you think? Should Reynolds drop the red pants and head back to DC as Hal Jordan or should he remain right at home with Marvel and drop in on the Avengers in the near future? Leave your comments below!

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Source: Twitter.