Destiny 2: Lightfall Details Revealed In Bungie Showcase

Destiny 2: Lightfall Details Revealed In Bungie Showcase

Bungie had a showcase yesterday live streamed to introduce gamers to the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion. Full details of everything Bungie covered in their showcase can be found in the link Here. However I will try to summarize the most important information here for anyone who wasn’t able to catch it live.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is the next major expansion for the Destiny 2 base game and will release on February 28, 2023. Just like last February’s The Witch Queen expansion, Lightfall will see a whole new play zone added to the game in addition to what is there already. Pre-orders are available now and for those who do pre-order the Annual Pass edition or above, a new exotic weapon (Quicksilver Storm) is available within the game right now. For everyone else, that weapon won’t be available until Lightfall.

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In terms of how much Lightfall will cost you, there are currently three options. The basic Lightfall expansion is $49.99, the Annual Pass Edition is $99.99 and means you get all the individual season for the rest of that year, then we have a Collectors Edition which costs $150 and as usual comes with actual physical collectibles and really is only for those who like to collect these trinkets.

This does mark a slight change from last years’ expansion The Witch Queen. For a start, the Annual Pass versions was last year called the Deluxe Edition and also included access to several Dungeons being released throughout the year. The Annual Pass does not and yet comes in at the same price as the Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen. To me that means Bungie wants to sell the dungeons separately and there is currently no deal to get access to everything in one payment for the entire year. As someone committed to sticking with Destiny 2 till the end, I will be picking up the Annual Pass Edition. That’s simply because it saves having to purchase individual Seasons on the day they begin, which is purely for easiness. Cost wise, it seems like you are not really making a saving by buying in advance.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Details Revealed In Bungie Showcase

The new story of Lightfall takes place on the planet Neptune. This is a planet never mentioned as having any significance in the lore before. As per the trailer below, it seems like there has been a civilization of Human’s living there almost hassle free since the collapse of the Golden Age. So unlike all the other environments we play on in Destiny, Neptune is a modern functioning city. Calus, the Witness’s new Disciple has taken a Pyramid ship and landed it on Neptune. Now we Guardians must make new allies of the people on Neptune and work with all our other allies to prevent a second Collapse event. Check out the trailer below.

New Subclass – Strand

Destiny 2: Lightfall Details Revealed In Bungie Showcase

As has been hinted for a while, we will also be getting a brand new Darkness based subclass to use, Strand. Strand is a result of our Guardians starting to see the hidden, unseen world and use what we find within to make structures and anchor points. You can see the ability being used in the trailer above. Until we get hands on, who can say how amazing it will be or not?

Other Selected Details

It has also been confirmed that the campaign for Lightfall will feature a Legendary mode, just like The Witch Queen. This was well received by the community and Bungie says that 2/3 players who completed The Witch Queen campaign did so on Legendary. I certainly did and it was the best campaign Bungie have made since their Halo days.

There are also some quite major changes coming to the Destiny experience with Lightfall. Two I absolutely love and it should have been here years ago, the other I’m left scratching my head at. First up the good. Lightfall will add new functionality which will allow us to customize and store several loadouts within the game itself. Right now a big part of Destiny 2 is build crafting. However loadouts for now can only be saved through third party apps such as DIM. In Lightfall though we will able to save (looks like 5) separate loadouts on our character screens that can be switched easily, though likely still not within an activity itself. Finally!

Secondly whilst details remain scarce, Bungie seem to be hinting that there will be in built LFG options within Lightfall. Currently LFG has to be done through a third party app, or internally to Xbox which has its own LFG system.

There is also a new feature where Guardians are rated by other users they come up against. You can give feedback to a player on how good or helpful they were. This seems designed to encourage veterans like myself to help newer players out. However, it remains to be seen how effective this will be and whether this all just becomes used as a new way to abuse players.

The last thing worth mentioning is an opportunity currently in place for anyone, now!

Free Destiny 2 Window

Bungie are offering any players who download the base game a free go at Destiny 2 until August 29th. Essentially until the 29th you will have access to all aspects of the game other than the brand new season. You could play through the campaigns for Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen. It is only for a limited time. However that’s a great opportunity for anyone new to give Destiny a try. You could see what the new subclasses are all about and play some of the story campaigns.

There is much more that Bungie revealed, but as said up top, click the link for absolutely everything. If you just wanted a quick summary, I hope I helped?

Let us know as always what you think of the Destiny 2: Lightfall Expansion details revealed in the Bungie showcase. Thoughts below as always.

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