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So far, Marvel has had tremendous success with their Netflix series. As of this writing, we’ve seen the first seasons of DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES, and both have been very well-received from both fans and critics alike. In putting these series on Netflix, Marvel has allowed themselves to go to much darker and mature places–places that wouldn’t have worked so well in the more family friendly big screen pictures. As far as we’re concerned, the buildup for the eventual DEFENDERS series is going quite well.

If there was a character that was a potential sticking point in the universe, it would be the Iron Fist character. While the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are by no means realistic, there is definitely a more grounded nature to the than what many would expect from Iron Fist, a character who has his basis in mysticism. For a good while now, there have been all kinds of rumors regarding the IRON FIST series, and whether or not it would come to fruition.

Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb has already gone on the record to deny these rumors, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from its speculation. Well, it’s time to start putting these rumors to rest for good, as there is another piece of evidence in favor of IRON FIST making its way to Netflix indue time.

The folks over at Comic Book Movie are an attentive bunch, and have noticed that one of JESSICA JONES’ writers, Scott Reynolds, has changed his twitter description to include his work on the upcoming IRON FIST series. He also changed his profile photo and banner to incorporate the mystic martial artist. 

Take a look at his profile below!

According to IMDB, Reynolds has worked on the following episodes of JESSICA JONES:

  • “AKA It’s Called Whiskey” (ep. 3)
  • “AKA WWJD” (ep. 8)
  • “AKA I’ve Got the Blues” (ep. 11)
  • “AKA Smile” (ep. 13)

In addition to being a writer, Reynolds also served as co-executive producer on JESSICA JONES, so you can rest assured knowing this guy knows what he’s doing.

What do you think of Reynolds confirming his role as a writer on the IRON FIST series? Let us know your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie, Scott Reynolds