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Marvel and Netflix have been surprisingly coy about the release date for The Punisher. Generally speaking, we have an idea of when a series will drop at least a few months in advance of its actual release. For their latest series, The Defenders, we found out about the release date over four months ahead of its release date.

However, with The Punisher, we only know it’ll hit some time this year, and being that it’s already late September, the latest it can hit the streaming service is a little over three months away. So when will it hit? The folks over at MCU Exchange were able to snag a copy of Total Film magazine, where it stated:

The Punisher will be on Netflix from 13 October.”

So, if we can believe this, that means we’re only a few weeks away from the release of The Punisher — which would be HUGE, considering we only just got a full trailer earlier this week.

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Admittedly, this potential release date is a bit surprising. The closest thing we got to a release date up until now was when one of the directors said it was set to hit in November. Additionally, our own David Kozlowski speculated November 10 as the release date, as it also marks the anniversary of the Marine Corps. With both signs pointing to November, why the October release date?

Perhaps this was a way for Marvel to guarantee that it won’t clash with Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok. Sure, the demographics don’t match up perfectly, but the last thing they’d want is to take away from that film’s ability to have a long tail at the box office. It’ll already have a tough contender a couple weeks after its November 3 release date with Justice League, so they wouldn’t want to cannibalize their own properties.

All the same, it’s a bit strange that if this is true, that we have no official release date yet. Usually, shows like to lay the groundwork for their pieces before they hit, but given the more espionage tone they’re shooting for here, perhaps they thought they’d experiment a bit with The Punisher.

What do you think? Is October 13 a fitting date? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Total Film (via MCU Exchange)

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