– by Seth McDonald

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is officially released nationwide today. The original film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, starred Colin Firth and Taron Egerton, and brought a fresh take on the spy genre.

At the end of the first film, Firth’s character, Harry Hart (played by Colin Firth), was killed by Samuel L. Jackson’s Richmond Valentine with a point-blank shot to the head. Yet, as we already know, thanks to the trailers, Harry is alive and well. So was this always supposed to be the case? Apparently not. Colin Firth recently spoke with ComicBook.com and explained how his character wasn’t originally planned to return for the sequel.

“It wasn’t but it was quite early. I think Matthew really wanted to be conclusive. You kill of a loved character and I don’t think he wanted to cheat so he meant it at the time. Just the life that the relationships had brought to the whole thing, I think he felt, ‘We’re finding a way to revive.’ I think you’re right, I think he earns it. It’s not some facile thing where it just happens by magic.”

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Bringing a character back to life usually seems to be hit or miss. Some fans are pleased with it and others not so much. Often times it depends on the character themselves and the method in which they are brought back, if it is a film involving supernatural elements, it is much easier to accomplish, but for a real world film like Kingsman (real-ish, at least), it will be more difficult.

One of the bigger factors is the reason why a character was brought back. It tends to work better if the character has a purpose in returning as opposed to being brought back for a bit of bad fan service. Having not seen the sequel yet (but you can read our own Joseph Jammer Medina’s review above), I am interested to know how they brought Harry Hart back after he was shot in the head. I really enjoyed the first Kingsman film and can see it as a franchise I could really get into.

What do you think of bringing Harry Hart back? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: ComicBook.com