– by Seth McDonald

Years ago, westerns used to dominate the cinematic landscape, and while we get an occasional one here and there, they have never really returned to their former glory. One director, Duncan Jones, whose latest film, Mute, didn’t really knock the socks off audiences or critics, now says he would like to switch genres and make a western:

“I know it sounds kind of trite but I want to do a Western. I really want to do Western but it’s really, really hard to get Westerns off the ground. It’s actually less hard to get them off the ground than to get audiences to go see them. Right now people don’t want to watch Westerns, its really really hard to get a financially successful Western.”

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The jump from sci-fi to westerns isn’t really that large of one. Many times when discussing movies with other people, I have heard, “Star Wars is really just The Searchers (The old John Ford directed film starring John Wayne) in space.” And I think there is at least some truth in that, young boy teams up with an old man in search of a girl. Now, that is a pretty broad plot, but there are similarities.

At their core many films are the old western dynamic of black hat vs white hat, just jazzed up with spectacle and flair. So after having a couple bad outing with Warcraft and Mute, it might not be a bad idea for Jones to shake up his creative process.

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