– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The Flash CW series is a show that didn’t take long to become a beloved interpretation of Scarlet Speedster. Sure, it has the network’s trademark cheese factor to it, and has a ridiculous number of logical leaps, but at the end of the day, it’s a series with a lot of heart and a number of fun, likable characters.

Near the tail-end of the first season, film director and podcaster Kevin Smith made it known to the world just how much he loved the show by filming himself crying at the finale of the first season. From there, Smith went on to go from fan of the show to one of its directors in Season 2 in the episode entitled “The Runaway Dinosaur.”

Smith isn’t a director known for his visual flair. Usually his movies tend to be dialogue-heavy and repleat with explitives, and oftentimes, the writing is the only way fans could know it’s actually his work. Smith has admitted to this weakness on several occasions, and it’s because of that that he’s never actively pursued a directing position in a comic book movie.

In his episode of The Flash last year, he showed immense growth as a filmmaker in his ability to direct dynamically and adapt to the overall style set by the showrunners. That being said, last year’s episode was noteworthy in that it was mostly an emotionally-driven episode. So on the whole, there was very little visual effects and action to worry about when compared to your average episode. One could say it was a great introductory piece for Smith to take on.

Now, however, it looks like Smith’s Season 3 episode will have more action than his previous entry, based on a recent tweet from the filmmaker:

So what does “more action-y” mean? Obviously it’s hard to say. It could mean as little as one extra set piece, or as much as several scenes. His last episode didn’t necessarily set a high bar since in it Barry Allen had almost no speed abilities to speak of. If Barry has his abilities throughout this entire episode, that already probably hints at more action than we saw last time.

This season of The Flash looks to carry out the Flashpoint storyline. While we’ve been told by Grant Gustin that that actual plotline will wrap up fairly quickly, its ramifications will be of the permanent nature, and I have to wonder just how much that event will be at the crux of this season as a whole? What kind of action will this bring? 

We’ll have to wait and see.

The Flash returns to the CW on October October 4, 2016.

SOURCE: Kevin Smith

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