– by Campbell Clark

Now that the former Fox properties are owned by Disney and therefore Marvel Studios, one of the properties fans are looking forward to seeing is the Fantastic Four and its list of connecting characters. So far it would be fair to say we have never seen a good Fantastic Four movie, never mind a good version of Doctor Doom. So will Doom make his MCU debut alongside Marvel’s first family? The latest rumor says no!

According to scoop site MCU Cosmic, they have heard a rumor (and that’s all they call it as well) that Doctor Doom will not be the villain, or maybe appear at all in the first Fantastic Four movie. Apparently, Marvel Studios wants to focus on other villains for the FF due to Doom appearing in virtually every movie adaptation so far as the villain. However, that does not mean they don’t have plans for Victor Von Doom. According to the outlet, Marvel could be looking at a Doctor Doom Disney + show to establish him as a character before he ever runs in with the Fantastic Four.

There’s nothing solid about this information, but at the same time, it does make sense, to me at least. Just like with X-Men, Marvel will likely want to do their own thing and not be compared to what came before. This is a practice that already worked well with Spider-Man, it’s just a pity we may never see Marvel build up to Spidey’s biggest villains now that the split has happened between them and Sony over the character.

What we can say for certain, is that Doom, Fantastic Four, and X-Men won’t be going anywhere like Spider-Man, so we can see the fruits of Marvel’s labors reach their climax with these characters. Doom himself is probably up there as one of Marvel’s top three villains, perhaps even its greatest? I certainly hope we see Doctor Doom as an integral part of the MCU for a long time. I am also very much in on the idea of a six part Doctor Doom Disney + show.

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What do you think of this rumor, how would you like to see Doom introduced eventually into the MCU? Sound off below as always.

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