– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s very interesting. Considering just how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been to date, you think they’d be religious about updating their slate of films. However, following their mammoth 10-film announcement of Phase 3, they’ve been hesitant to actually announce any further films.

So far, beyond Avengers 4, we know we’re getting Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and of those movies, we only know the actual release date for none. We know the studio has big plans for the future, but as of right now, have no godly idea just how big in scope it gets, which franchises are returning, and what the overall scope will be.

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But what about Doctor Strange 2? The original film only hit theaters back in 2016, and when it did, it was a success for the studio. They confirmed a sequel was in development, but we’ve heard nothing since then. So what’s the status? Speaking with EW, actor Benedict Cumberbatch was asked if he had an updated:

“Not at the moment, no. The masterplan is continually in flux, so it would be out of order for me to speculate.”

That’s really a shame to hear, but it’s likely all for the best. While the studio is working hard on carrying out those last few films in the slate, you know they’re also working hard at developing it beyond the horizon. As much as we want to know all the details, things are likely constantly changing so much that it’d be foolish for them to announce it yet.

Rest assured that the studio will announce Doctor Strange 2 — and the rest of the films — when things are ironed out. As easy as it would be to announce films sooner rather than later, we all know what happens when films are announced before they’re ready (DCEU, anyone?).

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