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Doctor Strange Vs Kang Key To Multiverse Saga | Barside Buzz

According to a new rumor on the Barside Buzz, Doctor Strange vs Kang is the key to the Multiverse Saga.

According to a new rumor on the Barside Buzz, Doctor Strange vs Kang is the key to the Multiverse Saga. For now Strange and Kang have not encountered one another on screen. However according to TCC, they’ve heard the clash between the pair will be a key element throughout the Multiverse Saga. They claim that Kang will be attempting to stop Sinister Strange from destroying the Multiverse. If true this would give Kang some underlying reason for taking the actions he does. Meanwhile Strange, or our version of Strange would be trying to stop Kang, and the loop continues.

Here are the quotes from the outlet.

Our sources have informed us that the final matchup explored leading into the next Avengers films will be pitting Doctor Strange vs. Kang on the opposite sides of the battle to come. Both Strange and Kang will serve as the key players for each side. This matchup is comparable to Tony Stark vs Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

However, the distinct detail that separates this story from the one told before with Tony and Thanos is the role that Kang will take in this matchup. Kang’s perspective (and the angle Marvel Studios will want to pitch to audiences) is that he’s the hero trying to save the Multiverse from its greatest threat yet… Doctor Stephen Strange.

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I think this next section is more speculation than reporting, however it was not made abundantly clear in the article.

Everyone assumes that Kang and his variants are the ones causing the endless incursions across the Multiverse. What people won’t realize is that a majority of these incursions are caused by Stephen in attempts to either defeat Kang or Thanos or another Multiversal threat. Most outcomes end up being that Stephen’s incursions across the Multiverse are what causes the end of those universes to begin with. This was hinted at by John Krasinski‘s Mr. Fantastic variant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

If this is all true, then it would provide an interesting twist to the whole Multiverse Saga. Who is the villain and who is the hero. How can the Universe survive, yet not be under the control of Kang? My guess is that this won’t be resolved/answered until Secret Wars. Could there even be an understanding from Strange that his death may save everyone at some point? That’s purely speculation on my part. However how long do we we think Cumberbatch wnats to keep playing Strange. It’s always been clear this is is salary work and his real passion lies in his indie roles.

Interesting for sure.

What do you think then as Doctor Strange Vs Kang is rumored to be a key element of the Multiverse Saga? Leave your thoughts on this latest Barside Buzz below as always.

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