– by Seth McDonald

If you haven’t yet heard, the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro is making a stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio for the streaming giant Netflix. Del Toro’s films have a reputation for being both dark and beautiful at the same time, and it doesn’t appear as if the director is going to lighten up simply because the material he is working with is associated with children.

With Del Toro’s portfolio, one thing we can expect is the film to be dark, and according to what he had to say while at the Marrakeck Film Festival the director made it very clear that the film will be political as well not being a family film. You can check out all Del Toro had to say below.

“It’s not a Pinocchio for all the family. Of course [the movie is political]. Pinocchio during the rise of Mussolini, do the math. A puppet during the rise of fascism, yes, it is. Rarely can you get in productive discussions in real life right now, it’s so tense. It’s much easier for you to listen to me if I tell you ‘Once upon a time… He’s a creature that is created through unnatural means from a father that he then distances [himself] from, and has to learn about failure and pain and loneliness.”

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I honestly don’t think there’s anyone better than Del Toro to direct this film, however I do wish it was live-action and that it would be in the same tone and have the same feel as his masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth.

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Source: THR