– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Remember a little movie that came out back in 2008 called Jumper? the film featured Star Wars prequel trilogy star and Jamie Bell. It told the story of a guy who had the ability to instantly transport himself places, and while the premise had a whole lot of promise, the movie was pretty hot, wet garbage.

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It focused way too much on the less interesting character, and it went on to build up some interesting things that never got explored (and never would, as a sequel is out of the question). Speaking with Screen Rant. Doug Liman discussed his regrets with that film, and went on to say he hopes his new YouTube Red Series, Impulse (which is based on the third book of the same series), can help remedy that mistake.

“I always felt like with Jumper I had a contrarian idea that I started exploring but I just didn’t get it right, and unlike my other films where I maybe don’t get something right but I go back and reshoot and so I get it right, that film just got released. And so I’ve always had to gnawing at me that I want to do a superhero story and I want to get it right. When I had the option to tackle the Jumper sequel, Impulse, I started looking and I said this is my chance to get it right.”

As someone who really wanted to see the concept of a jumper seen on a wider scale, a TV series is the perfect medium for it. Plus, with Liman’s greater experience, I think he can handle the subject matter much better.

Here’s hoping Impulse does it more justice.

Impulse hits YouTube Red this summer.

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SOURCE: Screen Rant

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