– by Seth McDonald

Over the last few years, Star Wars Rebels has given us a look at the war just years before the events of A New Hope. And now, it’s all coming to an end. The final trailer for the second half of Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels has arrived and it is, something truly special. You can check out the trailer just above.

Rebels was the fans first taste of Star Wars by Disney. Following the adventures of the crew of the ship Ghost,that includes its Captain Herra Syndulla, a Mandalorian warrior by the name of Sabine Wren, former Lasat Honor Guard Zeb Orrelios (whose appearance draws from some of the original designs for Chewbacca). On the Force side of things, the show features Jedi Knight, Kana Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger.

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That was Emperor Palpatine right? I am pretty sure it was, and he appears to have known about Ezra for some time now and its pretty obvious he wants him for a new apprentice.

Will Palpatine break the rule of two?

Ezra has shown strong force ability throughout the show, some uses, in my opinion, at the very least rival the feats we have seen done by Rey. How will it all end for the crew of the Ghost? It won’t be much longer before we find out, but to be honest I am pretty bummed it is still a month away.

Star Wars Rebels returns February 19.

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