– by Brendan Hughes

Since Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was released 10 years ago it found an instant niche that fans have been eagerly awaiting more. In Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of the decade-old web series gathered to discuss the beloved musical. Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon joked with fans and shared their best moments of the show. With Whedon ready to launch back into the spotlight he mentioned one of his current assignments was a follow up to Dr. Horrible. Fans may be disappointed to hear that it isn’t in the form of a series with it being in the form of a comic series, Dr. Horrible, Best Friends Forever.

Now those who are familiar with the series know that there have been comics previously published featuring the character. However, these comics did not have Whedon writing them which sets them more in line with the original source material. Whedon mentioned that it will revolve around the dynamic of Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Horrible and Fillion’s Captain Hammer’s relationship. A publisher was not clearly stated but it will likely stay with Dark Horse Comics the home of previous comics. This was the best point in the original series as it reversed the status quo of heroes and villains promoted by two great actors.

Whedon did not rule out the possibility of an “actual” sequel in the form of video series. For a live-action series to happen it would need to be the right situation in form of scheduling as the cast and crew have a busy schedule making it hard for a follow-up. In the past, everyone has commented that they are on board with scheduling being the biggest problem, especially for Patrick Harris. Fillion mentioned his availability as “But I have a rule that if Joss calls, I say yes.”

Let us know your thoughts. Are you looking forward to Dr. Horrible, Best Friends Forever?

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