– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Christopher Nolan is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most recognizable directors in the business. In the industry, and among fans, his name carries a real weight to it, and he’s one of the few filmmakers out there who is able to have a studio give him over $100 million to create an original film. Furthermore, he’s one of the few out there who consistently delivers on films that are both artistic in their quality, and watchable for mainstream audiences.

Nolan’s The Dark Knight was a cultural phenomenon, and for the first time, conversations started buzzing as to whether or not comic book movies should actually be considered for Oscars. He since went on to make such films as Inception and Interstellar, which similarly captured the minds of audiences and critics.

And yet, after all these years, Nolan had yet to receive a nomination for his directing prowess, until today. Earlier this morning, nominations were released for the 90th Academy Awards, and on the list for Best Director was none other than Christopher Nolan for his work on the film, Dunkirk.

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While some may see this as a long overdue bit of recognition, I think Dunkirk really is the best film for him to receive this nomination for. While I don’t think the film is anywhere near the strongest on the list, there is no denying its strong direction. From its emphasis on action, atmosphere, and visual storytelling, it really is a film that bores on the page and soars on the screen.

In lesser capable hands, this would be a dumbed down war story, but with Nolan, it was very a clearly a goal to get audiences to feel the true terror of war through the eyes of their leads, and after decades of filmmaking, it truly seems like he’s become a master of his craft. Sure, you can argue that Inception and The Dark Knight are better films, but when it comes to pure direction, I think Dunkirk easily takes the cake.

Are you happy to see Nolan finally getting recognition, and do you think Dunkirk was the right film to receive that recognition? Let us know down below!

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