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2014’s EDGE OF TOMORROW was a criminally under-seen film. Critics adored it. Fans loved it. But the $178 million production barely managed to limp past the $100 Million mark domestically. It just didn’t catch on with the mainstream and, for the folks who thought it was a great sci-fi flick with ample amounts of humor and innovative action, we figured we wouldn’t hear about the film again except for when we pulled it out of our blu-ray collections to introduce it to people who missed out on it.

There’ve been quiet rumblings of a follow-up, but that seemed like pie in the sky. How could that happen? Well, thanks to star Tom Cruise‘s enduring appeal worldwide, the film made a whopping $270 million in international markets, bringing EDGE OF TOMORROW‘s cume to $370 million. Between that, and the film’s great reviews/ratings, the idea of a sequel became legitimate.

Now comes this news:

The film has acquired writers! Christopher McQuarrie (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- ROGUE NATION, JACK REACHER) is a producer on the EDGE OF TOMORROW sequel- having co-written the first film- and he’s tapped Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse to write it. The writers rewrote another of McQuarrie’s upcoming projects, THE GRAY MAN, and he was apparently impressed enough by their work that he wants them to do this sequel with him. The duo have been in demand since they sold their first feature, the Jesse Owns biopic RACE

Shrapnel and Waterhouse

Shrapnel and Waterhouse

Doug Liman (THE BOURNE IDENTITY) directed the first film, and he’ll be back for this one despite also having THE WALL and GAMBIT on his to-do list. 

One quick personal rant: In its report announcing the hiring of Shrapnel and Waterhouse, Deadline completely mischaracterizes EDGE OF TOMORROW. The writer describes the film as a “guilty pleasure.” Um, no. A guilty pleasure is a film that’s admittedly bad, that you like anyway- which makes you feel slightly ashamed of yourself. This film was universally loved, but very few people actually saw it. It falls more in line with a cult hit, since it has a small but passionate fanbase, not a guilty pleasure.


You excited about EDGE OF TOMORROW 2

SOURCE: Deadline

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