WEBTOON Wednesday Flashback – Lore Olympus with Rachel Smythe: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1268

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In this episode we discuss;

Lore Olympus with Rachel Smythe

Webtoon Wednesday Flashback

The Comic Source Podcast Episode 1268

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Jace chats with New Zealand comic creator Rachel Smythe about her digital comic Lore Olympus. From her early interest in Greek mythology to her desire to explore male/female relationships the comic is a wonderful reimagining of the the myth of The Abduction of Persephone.

  1. Intro

    1. Tell us about your history with comics, did you grow up reading them?

    2. At what point did you begin to think you might create comics professionally?

    3. What other work have you done that our listeners may know/

  2. Lore Olympus

    1. Give us an idea of what the title is about?

    2. I read an interview you did where you mentioned being fascinated by Greek Mythology from a very early age, where did that interest come from?

    3. What was it specifically about the myth of “The Abduction of Persephone” that inspired you to want to create a comic based on this particular myth?

    4. Aspects of the original myth can be problematic in our current societal climate of #MeToo, you started this comic as all that was playing out, how much was that something you considered?

    5. What are some of the themes you explore in the story?

    6. There is always some aspects of a relationship that anyone not in the relationship will not understand it. That certainly has been an aspect of the Hades/Persephone relationship throughout the years of re-telling. “He’s just such a bad guy why would she be with him?” Can you talk a little about that aspect of the story?

    7. Going back to the very origins of the myth, it had to do with the Greeks using the story to explain the cycles of nature, fertility, harvest seasons and such. Almost the cycle of life & death itself. Any thought to exploring that in the title?

    8. Let’s talk about your art style, it really evokes a certain mood and tone for the story. A very Mod feel, retro chic, I get a very Mad Men vibe whenever Hades is in the office. Was that the tone you were going for?

    9. How did you develop the style for the title?

    10. Do you feel it has evolved over time?

  3. Webtoons

    1. What made you choose the Webtoons platform for this comic?

    2. What are some of your favorite things about working with Webtoons?

    3. Would you recommend Webtoons as a platform for someone looking to break into comics?

    4. Do you feel digital comics in general are the best way for an aspiring creator to gain experience?

    5. Do you have any favorite titles on Webtoons that you just have to check out on a weekly basis?


About the creator – Rachel Smythe

I’m a small, angry woman from New Zealand. I’m a self-proclaimed folklorist who also specializes in digital storytelling.  I like coffee, snacks, and podcasts.


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Spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0LNJYNTfM&feature=youtu.be

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Sizzle Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTB2nsr9sA4

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