– by Shockey

The internet may be a useful everyday tool that we take for granted, but at its core, it has the power to be devastating and deadly. In the darkest reaches of the web are the most horrifying of possibilities, and even if you’ve never been a victim yourself, chances are you’ve at least heard some terrifying stories involving the deep web.

The upcoming LRM-exclusive digital series, Dark/Web, will be tackling some of those possibilities. The single story will be told over the course of the eight-part series, but embedded into each of the episodes are bite-sized “segments” that act as mini-anthologies within the show.

It’s been a good while since we’ve had an update from Dark/Web, but when it rains it pours!

Last week, Variety announced a whole laundry-list of great talent that boarded the series, including Robert Davi, Hayley Marie Norman (Chris Rock’s Top Five), Dora Madison (Friday Night Lights, Chicago Fire, Everybody Wants Some) Griffin Freeman (TV’s Heathers,  Sheldon Turner’s forthcoming Controversy) Cole Bernstein (Secrets and Lies), Duane Shepard Sr. (The People vs. OJ Simpson), and Amin El Gamal (the Prison Break sequel).

In addition to those great actors, LRM can now exclusively announce that Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter, and most recently, Training Day actress Julie Benz has also officially boarded the project as a guest star. The segment she’ll be taking part in is called “Rideshare,” which is written and directedby Boman Modine.

“Rideshare” is being coined as a post-modern serial killer origin story, and is written and directed by Boman Modine. This is one story that’ll make you think twice before stepping into your next Uber pickup. In addition to Benz, the segment stars Graham Sibley (Sully), Molly Hagan (Sully), Brandon Scott (Blair Witch Project), and Rory Uphold (the forthcoming Bodied).

If you’d like some extra insight into the upcoming series Dark/Web, we recommend checking out our episode of Los Fanboys, where we sit down with the executive producers of the show and shoot the breeze.

Dark/Web is aiming for a summer release here at LRM. Will your browsers be ready?

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