– by Joseph Jammer Medina

EXCLUSIVE: If you’ve had a chance to check out the trailers for Netflix’s upcoming original comedy film, Game Over, Man! You likely already know that it was heavily inspired by the Bruce Willis classic, Die Hard. In fact, the way I pitched it to friends after seeing the trailer was, “Die Hard, but with three idiots instead of Bruce Willis.”

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Game Over, Man! director Kyle Newacheck doesn’t try to hide the film’s inspiration, but Die Hard isn’t the only one. In fact, it has many inspirations outside of Die Hard in the action-comedy genre. But which ones? I had a chance to chat with the director recently, and when asked what other movies were inspirational, he talked about another great classic: Lethal Weapon.

“A lot of people talk about action-comedy and they don’t mention Lethal Weapon. Because it’s a good movie. And it’s a great action-comedy and to me, I drew a lot of inspiration from that because, I really don’t believe when they set out to make that, they set out to make a comedy. They just set out to make an action movie with some funny people in it.

I know how funny the guys are. I know that they’re gonna bring their A game. [Screenwriter/actor Anders Holm] wrote very funny set pieces. So the action itself was actually funny as well. And so then I took the approach of ‘Well, I’m making an action movie now. You guys are in my action movie.’ Because of Lethal Weapon, because I just imagined them… They’re making an action movie first. And the comedy comes second.”

This is partially the approach Newacheck took with this film. Yes, it’s definitely a comedy, but it was also his chance to stretch his skills and really make sure the action and stakes were enough to drive the film outside of the comedy.

What are some other action-comedy classics that you love? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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