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EXCLUSIVE: There’s a good amount of decent horror films out nowadays. So much so that you can find a different type of horror film for almost any fear out there, especially if you’re interested in looking more overseas. A good chunk of the films these days tend to focus a lot on paranormal activities of sorts — including ghosts, demons and the like.

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However, there’s another brand of horror that some find a great deal more relatable — the kind that’s more grounded in nature. Speaking with our own Gig Patta, The Strangers: Prey at Night actors Bailee Madison and Martin Henderson discussed why this film was a scarier experience to them than other projects they’ve worked on.

Bailee Madison: This is the first time I’ve done a horror film that has a human face. The last one I did was Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, which is based on a creature down in a basement. The creature terrorizes the little girl. I’ve never had the encounter of being face-to-face with [killer] people. We all know they’re the strangers, but they believe like us, cry like us and scream like us. Except that they live to prey and hunt us humans.

The idea of trying that out was pretty exciting. For me, it was so much real than anything I’ve done before, watched lately or ever felt.

Martin Henderson: [My experience] is similar. It was the element, like Bailee said, these are human beings stalking human beings. For me, it’s a little more relatable than ghosts coming through the door or spirits coming down the chimney or aliens coming out of someone’s nose. The fact that these are three random people hellbent on ending the lives on whoever unfortunate enough to cross their paths. It has such a randomness to it. It is so feasible. It could happen to anybody. It’s about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The fact it’s possible even made more scary.”

Indeed the idea of a home invasion story, to me, is one of the scariest out there — especially if it involves people with masks. While the paranormal stuff is a lot more interesting to research and look into, this type of movie has a more primal feel than others, as it can happen at any time.

What’s your favorite type of horror, and what kind of scares really resonate with you? Let us know your thoughts down below!

The Strangers: Prey at Night hits theaters this weekend, and keep an eye out for our interviews later this week.

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