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The American science fiction series, The Expanse, will soon be debuting it’s fourth season on Amazon Prime Video. This series started back in 2015 on Syfy where it aired for three seasons before it was surprisingly cancelled in May of 2018. Lucky for all of us fans of the series, Amazon Prime Video quickly picked it up and has even announced that it also has been green lit for an additional fifth season. The Expanse takes place hundreds of years in the future where humans not only live on Earth but also on Mars and an asteroid belt. Problems arise that threaten the fragile peace between the three colonies, who are consistently trying to one up one another to stake their claim as the dominate ones in the solar system.

The Expanse is based on a series of ongoing novels by Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, who go by the pen name of James S.A. Corey. Currently there are eight books that have been published with a ninth and final book scheduled to be released next year. With that said TV Guide had the opportunity to talk with producer of the series, Andrew Kosove, who commented that ideally they would also like to have the television series also run for nine seasons. As great as that sounds we’ll see if Amazon Prime Video wants to keep the series going for that long. But is The Expanse only limited to books and television?

With the ever expanding universe of The Expanse in the series, so is the potential to do more with this story. According to Kosove, “The truth of the matter is that the world that Ty and Daniel have created is so rich, there are lots of different ways that Alcon will explore this.” With three different colonies that contain a plethora of characters and possible story lines, he commented about the possibilities, “I think if this show’s fan base continues to accelerate the way we’ve seen over the last year for the next couple of years, I think that the idea of doing something in the feature universe is something we’ll consider very seriously, and maybe looking at movies in the world of Expanse. I also think there’s spin-offs of The Expanse — ’cause the universe is so vast where you could explore different character arcs, and so on and so forth.”

Something that I didn’t know was that The Expanse was originally being developed by Franck as a multiplayer online role playing game. Also the series has a visual reality designer, Chris Danelon, that creates some of the sets in virtual reality to help pre-production and rehearsals. He hopes that maybe one day they can not only make a VR version of The Expanse, but also a video game where fans can interact with some of their favorite players. “Why limit it to the VR world? Why not make a game that you can play on any console or integrated together online?” Danelon said, “I’m thinking if the future of The Expanse can get to a game state where people can interact with it, it will have to be first something you can sit down and play on your Xbox console.”

As a fan of The Expanse, I would really enjoy seeing the series branch out into other spin-offs, films and video games. It would be awesome to be able to explore the Rocinante. But until then we can sit back and enjoy the next two seasons of the series. Would you like to see The Expanse franchise grow? Let us know in the comment section below!


Amazon Prime Video’s Original Series The Expanse‘s fourth season debuts Friday, December 13th.

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Source: TV Guide