– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Netflix has a good thing going on right now with its Marvel shows. Both series that have debuted so far, DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES, have been welcomed by rave reviews and excited fans. The second season of DAREDEVIL is set to hit the streaming network this Friday and the buzz is palpable, and on Friday we got word of when LUKE CAGE– the third pillar in Marvel’s Netflix plan- is going to premiere. That brings us to IRON FIST, which will be the fourth Marvel show on the network and the final step before they can produce a crossover event that includes all four characters in THE DEFENDERS.

In a chat with Decider, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada revealed what the talents behind all these series have been working on: Creating a universe that is shared but different

It still takes place in the same world,” Quesada said, on the subject of how IRON FIST will fit into the corner of the Marvel Universe they’re carving out on Netflix.“I think the Danny Rand character himself will have a different perspective on the world than some of the characters that you’re seeing now — as will LUKE CAGE. I mean you guys haven’t seen that show yet, either.

Quesada then delved deeper into the creative team’s mission statement. “Our goal is to provide four different shows that each have their own feel while, again, feeling like they are a part of a whole. Not an easy task, but I can tell you that our team is really fantastic at doing this,” he said. “It’s still the early stages of Iron Fist so I’m a little hesitant to say too much more than that. But Danny Rand is a completely different character and the world that he comes from, how he obtained his powers and his skills — all completely different. I think fans will be pleased.

The Marvel CCO also said that the differences between the series isn’t only in feel, but even geographically. Remember, New York is a big, big place. “Oh no, it will be a different side of Manhattan. We’re not just locking ourselves into Hell’s Kitchen — although a lot of stuff does go on in Hell’s Kitchen,” Quesada said. “Luke Cage’s world is still New York, but it’s a different neighborhood. Again, I don’t want to reveal too much more than that, but the show itself will have a different palate, a different feel, a tone. It will sound different. So stay tuned.

It certainly sounds like IRON FIST will be a different animal than the rest of his DEFENDERS cohorts, which makes sense considering the lead character’s mystical powers. Are you excited to see all the pieces of the puzzle come together, as Marvel creates this slate of “separate, but united” series?

SOURCE: Decider

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