– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There was a significant change in tone this episode from the previous two episodes.  With such a serious tone with Flashpoint and Barry’s effects in Paradox it was nice to see a lighter tone to last night’s episode.  With Barry and the team moving on from the past and living with their mistakes it now allows the storyline to move forward.  Although this weeks’ lacked in the villain storyline, everything else in this episode was magnificent. 

These were three biggest takeaways from last night’s episode:

The growth of relationships on this episode.

Except for Cisco and Caitlyn this episode focused on the growth of different relationships throughout the team.  The relationship between Harrison and Jessie continues to be a work in progress but it seems for the better after this week. Although from a different universe it seems that Flashpoint had some effect on Harrison and Jessie.  We see the father daughter duo return to Earth 1 for some help now that Jessie has gained her speedster powers from the dark matter that impacted her and Wally last season.  Besides the change in Jessie gaining her powers the biggest change was in Harrison Well’s personality.  Tom Cavanagh continues to amaze me the way he can make Wells seem like a different person each season.   It could’ve just been since there was no more Zoom terrorizing Earth 2 but Wells gained some humor through his use of a sarcastic “not” or coming up with the quick references for villain names or humor. 

Wally and Joe after Flashpoint seem to be the strongest it has been so far in its short time.  Though after this episode it looks like Wally is not being as truthful as he should be with his father.  Clearly disappointed that Jessie got her powers and he didn’t.  Wally seemed pre-occupied about something else.  It looks like Wally is having dreams/nightmares about his time during Flashpoint and Joe doesn’t notice that something is bothering Wally.

Barry and Iris had the shortest but most touching part of this episode.  Now with everything behind them from Flashpoint it is now time for Barry and Iris to focus on their relationship.  The first date between them seemed as awkward as a middle school dance.  Having Barry suppress his powers and not discuss anything about the Flash was the typical first date for all superheroes.  It is not until the end of the episode that Barry realizes that if his relationship with Iris is going to succeed they can’t ignore his powers.  Then at the end of the episode we get the classic scene of the hero leaving his love in order to save the day.   

The premiere of Magenta

The storyline of Magenta really wasn’t the strongest one compared to other meta-human stories we have seen in the past.  Up until the last five minutes of the show.  The origin story line wasn’t as emotional as I think the writers hoped it could’ve been.  With limited time and so much going on within the team it was tough to fit in a feel good story for Magenta and really care for her.  With Rival and Magenta only the beginning it is safe to say that the Meta-Humans Alchemy is going to unleash are going to be stronger and more difficult for Team Flash to take down.

The mystery of Alchemy follows the same path as Reverse Flash and Zoom

Alchemy has been established as the big nemesis for Flash the first part of Season 3.  It has been three episodes in and we still don’t know much about this villain except that he can restore powers to people from a different timeline.  Just like the first two season’s it seems that the showrunners are banking on the mystery of the villain to keep viewers entertained and wanting to come back.  I hope that I am wrong because three seasons of playing a guessing game of the main villain is not going to keep us entertained.  It would have to be a real big surprise reveal of who Alchemy is to keep me entertained.  I am betting that newcomer to the show Julian Albriet will end up being Alchemy.  It follows the pattern of the past two seasons.

Overall this episode had all the elements of what makes the show great.  After two weeks of disappointment from Flashpoint I am glad to say that this show is back on track.  

Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.