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"Ommmmm...please call us for cameos please call us for cameos please call us for cameos...oMM"

“Ommmmm…please call us for cameos please call us for cameos please call us for cameos…oMM”

You know things are getting weird in Hollywood when even a movie that only made $24 million domestically and is considered more of a cult hit is being remade. But that’s exactly what Sony is doing. They’ve hired Leigh Janiak- who is viewed as an up-and-coming horror filmmaker- to bring a new take to the big screen. She’ll be writing and directing the feature, alongside her Honeymoon co-writer Phil Graziadei.

The original film followed a foursome of young witches and their misadventures while attending a Catholic high school. When they start using their powers to fix things in their personal lives, they soon realize that supernatural forces are nothing to mess with. 

Here’s a trailer for the original:

Andrew Fleming wrote and directed the original film. Janiak’s hiring for the remake comes at a time when Hollywood is coming under fire for a “systemic failure to hire women directors at all levels of the film and television industry” by the American Civil Liberties Union. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janiak won the job after an impressive pitch and her vision for a female empowerment tale.