– by Joseph Jammer Medina

And we thought Tony Stark was dealing with some next-level tech. In this first clip from Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie, Black Panther, we see that the folks of Wakanda may very well give Iron Man a run for his money.

In the clip, shown on the Ellen Show, we see that oft-shown-off set piece, with Black Panther crouching on the car, but finally, we get it with some extra context. In it, we see T’Challa transforming into the Black Panther, with the suit forming around him as he runs. He hops on a car driven by his sister Shuri as they chase down some assailants.

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One key aspect of Wakanda is that to the outside world, they are a third-world country that is kind of invisible. In this scene, we see what could be that technology in Shuri’s car. She may be driving, but to those shooting at the car, it’s driving itself. It’s a cool detail that will likely be utilized heavily in the film.

However, the coolest thing we get to see comes from Black Panther’s suit. Not only does it block bullets, but it stores their kinetic energy and pushes it back in concentrated form. I the clip, he jumps onto the hood of the car, and releases that energy, smashing its front down, and launching him upward, and that’s where we get that money shot from in the trailers.

This movie is going to be one hell of a ride.

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