– by Seth McDonald

Fox’s Batman prequel show, Gotham, will begin its final season next March. Not long ago, a new villain was teased, one that was said to be very popular within the Batman mythos. Many speculated it would be Bane, and it turns out they were right. Below you can see the first look at the villain that will someday break Batman’s back.

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With the final season coming, it’s nice to see fans of the show will get a version of Bane. This will more or less round out the more casually known villains of the Dark Knight, with Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and NOT the Joker all having been part of the show.

I enjoy Gotham, it’s silly at times, but Fox was able to make a show set in Batman’s world work without having Batman, something I heavily doubted when the show was first announced. Fans have watched Bruce Wayne grow over the first four seasons and during last season , fans got glimpses of the Batman that will come to be, with prototype suits. the show runners have already confirmed that the Dark Knight is on his way during the fifth and final season

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Source: TZE CHUN