– by Seth McDonald

Disney has owned the Muppets for over a decade now. In the time since, they’ve put out a couple of movies, and more recently, put out a short-lived TV series, which obviously didn’t fare very well. So what’s the reason behind this? Are the Muppets a brand best left in decades past, or is there something else fundamental about Muppets that the conglomerate is missing?

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Master puppeteer Frank Oz thinks Disney simply doesn’t understand what the Muppets are all about. Oz spoke recently on KCRW’s The Business and expressed his issues with how the House of Mouse treats the beloved Muppets:

“As much as Disney loves The Muppets and wants the best for The Muppets — and they truly believe they can do it — they don’t get it. They don’t get the true rebellion and true affection underneath those characters. By the way, I don’t mean to knock Disney, they really want to do a good job. They’ve never asked me, and they have not asked the performers how to do it. If they just did that — the performers are so brilliant — instead of an outside person, let the performers lead. Then it would be a whole different deal. The audience would appreciate the purity of that.”

It has been years since I was what one would call a fan of the Muppets, the film that was made several years ago wasn’t bad. However, I just think times have changed so much that it is going to be hard to get children interested in them again. I actually think Disney’s best course of action would be to target toddlers, as even kids ages 7-10 have tablets phones now, and the Muppets simply aren’t that interesting anymore.

Can the Muppets still be relevant if handled correctly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Source: KCRW’s The Business (via ComicBook)