– by Seth McDonald

The Fred Durst directed film, Moose, has begun shooting. Yes, you read that correctly, the man who rose to fame being the lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit will be directing a film. The film has nabbed John Travolta to star as a fan obsessed with the career of an action star played by actor Devon Sawa. The film is based on Durst’s real-life experiences with a stalker.

Believe it or not, this isn’t Durst’s first time as director. Durst has directed other films that include The Education of Charlie Banks which starred Jessie Eisenberg, and The Longshots, a film that starred Ice Cube.

So while it may seem like Durst is out of place, he has been behind the camera before, and worked with notable actors, though Travolta appears to be the biggest name that Durst has worked with on a project.

I am interested to see Travolta in this role, a much older stalker pursuing a younger target. As we all know, Travolta is no stranger to playing a bad guy, taking the turn in Swordfish and one could argue that he was a villain to the entire movie industry in Battlefield Earth. Of course, his most famous turn as a villain being Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, if you don’t consider him a villain in that film, that’s fine, but it’s not like he was an upstanding citizen.

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Source: Variety