– by Jason Moody

Black Panther has a rich history in the Marvel pantheon of Comic Books — Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, his first appearance in comics was also with the Fantastic Four in 1966, almost 30 years before his introduction on the small screen. He joined the Avengers in 1968 in Avengers #52, but didn’t receive a starring solo issue until Jungle Action Comics #5 in 1973.

In the first LRM-exclusive episode of Nostalgia Snax, I delve into my personal history with the character, as well as the character’s mythological importance in the Marvel Universe.

Black Panther predates Luke Cage, Falcon, Blade, John Stewart’s Green Lantern, Static Shock — Black Panther predates all of them. So, Why was he only just getting his first non-comics appearance in 1995? For the most part, Black Panther comics just didn’t do very well. While popular with civil rights minded college students— Jungle Action had really low sales- the original self-titled Black Panther series was canceled after 12 issues. So — T’challa mostly found success in team-ups and guest starring in other heroes comics.

For more on this character’s rich history, make sure to check out the video above! And, of course, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming episodes of Nostalgia Snax, where I’ll delve into some other aspect of your childhood.

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  • Wow, awesome video! I have no real recollection of Black Panther outside of old Marvel cards, but the movie looks good. I’m stoked for it. This video helped!

    • Jason Moody

      Those Marvel Cards though….

  • Victor Roa

    cool video, although in 95. Like how you add it to your own personal experence

    • Jason Moody

      thanks victor! glad you dug it! You gonna see BP tonight? 🙂