Ant-Man 2: Kevin Feige Calls Michelle Pfeiffer’s Performance Iconic

In the original Ant-Man film, audiences got a tease to a previous generation of the Ant-Man and the Wasp. Of course, Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man, but the original Wasp was none other than

Kevin Feige Teases Return Of Black Panther Women

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has slowly been making strides in incorporating more women into their franchises -- first with Black Widow, then Scarlet Witch, Valkyrie, and soon to be Captain Marvel and the Wasp. However,

Thor: Ragnarok – Jeff Goldblum Is Darryl’s Roommate In Clip From New Short

On the heels of Captain America: Civil War, audiences couldn't help but wonder just what in the hell Thor was up to while most of the Avengers were duking it out on the big screen.

Deadpool Gets His Portrait Painted By Cable In Parody Deadpool 2 Poster

Another day, another Rian Johnson explanation. Sorry, I mean, another day, another fun installment into the Deadpool 2 marketing campaign. Though it isn't actually from the campaign, it fits in incredibly well. A few days ago,

Theater Accidentally Shows Fifty Shades Instead Of Black Panther

Theaters aren't perfect. We've all bad experiences. During a screening of the Avengers back in 2012, my theater kept showing the movie out-of-focus, and had to restart it no less than three times before they

Transformers Film Series To Reset After Bumblebee Movie

Well here's some news that ought to make the day of some Transformers fans who still want there to be some hope for quality movies down the line. While I was never HUGE into the

Game Of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Teases New Book…A Book That’s Not The Winds Of Winter

As the Game of Thrones fanbase suffers through 2018 in the wait for the show's final season, word comes from George R.R. Martin that a new book for the franchise will be released his year. Unfortunately

Marvel To Release A 5-Issue Prequel Lando Comic To Compliment Solo: A Star Wars Story

With the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer now out as well as some character posters, Marvel Entertainment has announced a new comic book project that will accompany the theatrical release of the film. Entertainment

Bizarre Thor: Ragnarok Extended Scene With Goldblum’s Grandmaster (Video)

Of all the crazy, weird, and nutso characters in Thor: Ragnarok, perhaps the strangest was Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster. An immortal being who's best described as "eccentric." Grandmaster would actually have been right at home in

Black Panther: When’s The Soonest We Can Expect A Sequel?

Black Panther is now officially in theaters, and fans seem to be pretty darn ecstatic about the film they're seeing. As it stands, the film has a 98 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and