– by Joseph Jammer Medina

After years of development, re-development, and rewrites upon rewrites, it sounds like the X-Men spinoff film Gambit is set to begin production very soon.

The folks over at Omega Underground are reporting that director Gore Verbinski is eyeing a February production, with the intent of wrapping production in July. Since it was announced that they’d be releasing the film on February 14, 2019, it’s pretty much been assumed that they’d starting shooting the flick around February, but this rumor seems to corroborate that assumption.

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Currently, actor Channing Tatum is the only officially on board to play the ragin’ Cajun himself, Remy Lebeau (aka Gambit). As of right now, Lizzy Caplan has been reported to be in talks for the film, and it’s unknown what her role would be (especially since we really have no idea what the film is about yet).

Of course, given that there isn’t much of a cast and crew to speak of yet, the production month could shift one way or another, but it sounds like this is a movie that’s actually happening, for better or worse. We’ll be keeping an eye on things as the February shoot date approaches. We’re sure to get a bunch of casting details in the very near future should things start moving forward.

Are you interested to see what comes of the Gambit film? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Omega Underground

  • TheOct8pus

    This movie could be the ace up their sleeve. They’ve been playing their cards close to their chest….I’m sure they’ll have a full house for this…
    And other bad card puns

  • Moby85

    Channing has gained a dad bod the past couple years. I’m thinking they don’t want to start filming too soon after the holidays in the Tatum household…

  • DerekNola

    Assuming this will be shooting in New Orleans

  • Fallout Boy!

    The abs in that picture are absurd. Only a delusional SJW could spend years learning to draw toxic masculinity and then hate on it LOL


    Please recast Remy Lebeau for Christ Sakes!!! If Channing Tatum is all you’re betting on to help sell this film it’s a horrible plan.

  • Ryan Fink

    I still don’t get Tatum as Gambit. Nothing against the guy, I just don’t see the connnection. Is there some video of him somewhere making an unsolicited audition for the role that blew people away?

    • TheOct8pus

      I agree. Based on his physique alone he seems a bit too round and kinda old….


      There should be some serious consideration to do a recast at this point. I don’t get the need to stick to having him play Gambit when there has to be at least two other somewhat noticeable suitable choices.


    Things that need to happen in this Gambit movie:

    – The Marauders need to be known as a group that Gambit is part of
    – Sabretooth needs to be Sabretooth for Christ Sakes
    – If its a heist film, it should be smartly executed with no noticeable plot holes
    – Mr. Sinister needs to show up in true form
    – Could be R rated and it would fit since the majority of the characters are homicidal mercenaries

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