Game of Theories: Bad Tyrion, What Have you Done?

Peter Dinklage makes excuses for why fans didn't like Game of Thrones ending

So folks, what did we think of “The Long Night,” aka the Battle of Winterfell? If you have been keeping up with Game of Theories, you will know that out of my three possible paths I predicted last week, the one that happened was probably my least favorite option. Saying that, I do feel some of the criticism of fans was that they wanted more depth in the White Walker threat, and yet even in the books they are a non-speaking elemental force. The villains with depth are really the likes of Cersei Lannister, Qyburn and Euron Greyjoy and of course, that threat still remains. Did we really need a monologue from the Night King before his death or a mind battle between him and Bran? I personally don’t think so.

Anyway, now that the existential threat has been dealt with and the likes of Beric and Theon are dead, we get back to what this show really has always been about, and that’s the quest for the Iron Throne. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted from this show, but for me, that’s what it always was.

So What Comes Next?

Last week, I made the bold prediction that King’s Landing was going to be destroyed and therefore there would be no Iron Throne to fight for. For me, it’s the only conclusion that could ‘break the wheel’ as both Dany and Tyrion have put it. We are now going to be in a stalemate after the events of this last week. Dany and Jon together are longer the massively dominant force they once were and Cersei has those Golden Company troops.

But we don’t have time in three episodes for another long drawn out war, and remember that everyone keeps advising Daenerys against burning King’s Landing. How can she be seen as a good and just leader after committing genocide? Well, this is where I think someone will take it upon themselves to level King’s Landing to the ground, knowing that they would be a villain, but weighing it against the greater good of seeing Dany, and perhaps Jon in power.

So which character will do something like this? Jon, Dany, Sam, Brienne, Jaime, Davos, Varys, or even Cersei herself? No, I did say last week that depending on what happened with the latest episode I had three scenarios laid out. The scenario we are left with was my option 1. You can read the details in the related link below, but Option One dealt with the threat of the dead being over, in which case I completely ruled out Cersei or Euron Greyjoy.

No, for me, if this does happen and King’s Landing is destroyed, (by I hope wildfire, as it’s poetic), then the only person for me that can do this and have the biggest dramatic effect, whilst being believable is Tyrion Lannister.

Why Tyrion Lannister?

Tyrion knows that violence is necessary at times. He knows where all the wildfire is stored and he knows what to do with it. Tyrion also knows King’s Landing inside out and has more reason than any to hate his sister who continually betrays any trust he shows in her. Now, it could be intimate to have Tyrion somehow kill Cersei man to woman, after all, we have the whole Valonqar prophecy to deal with. However, I think it’s actually more likely that either Jaime Lannister or Euron Greyjoy will fulfill that prophecy.

The reason I started to think something was up with Tyrion, was when everyone was rooting for him with Daenerys in the first episode of this season, then in this week’s e,pisode he was talking about how he can do more than just sit in a crypt. I just feel like they are foreshadowing Tyrion doing something dramatic.

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Sure, you could argue it was Tyrion who reigned in Dany’s impulses to burn King’s Landing, but I could see him warping the logic into something that makes sense to him. No Kings Landing, no throne, no wheel, but it cannot be after an attack by Daenerys on dragons, or else she is just as bad as all the others.

Of course, I could be way out of line on all this, but hey, this is just a theories piece after all isn’t it?

So What’s The End State of Westeros?

This is based on King’s Landing being destroyed, so if that doesn’t happen then all of this will be way out as well. But, if it is destroyed, how will politics work in Westeros?

I could see Jon convincing Dany that since there is no Iron Throne, they don’t need one ruler. We already have Sansa asking Daenerys what will happen with the North in the end and Dany couldn’t answer. I think they will establish a council made up from all the lords from each corner of Westeros.

The North

Sansa will be the Queen/Warden of the North since Jon will feel it’s no longer his place to rule the North. I have no idea whether Sansa will take a husband, but if she has to she could do worse than little Robyn Arryn, purely for political reasons, as she knows she can control Robyn easily. It also brings the Vale into the North, where they probably best fit anyway.

The East

I can see Gendry being given the title of Baratheon and taking over the Storm’s End as Warden/King of the East, with his lovely wife Arya of course. Of course, perhaps Arya will decide to go off and explore the world again, but I think she’s done enough of that for one lifetime.

The South

Who is left really but the rightful heir of the South, that being Samwell Tarly and Gilly? There will be no need for a Nights Watch any longer, the wall is broken and will probably melt in summer. In fact, I think the North and the lands directly south of the wall that were given to the Free folks will remain under their control with Tormund as their leader.

The West

This all depends whether Jaime Lannister lives, which I’m not certain about, but I can see Jaime taking up the position his father so long wanted him to have as Warden/King of the West. I’ll also guess that a certain Ser Brienne of Tarth could well be his bride, something I wouldn’t have predicted last week as I honestly thought she would die in the Battle of Winterfell. I now don’t feel there would be as much drama in killing her as there would in letting her live. Of course, she could also end up with Tormund North of the wall, but I have a feeling that’s something not reciprocated by Brienne towards Tormund.


Jon, if he lives, and Dany, if she lives will end up at Dragonstone. Dragonstone was where the Targaryens were from before Aegon decide to conquer the rest of the Seven Kingdoms all those years ago (well I suppose Valyria if you go back far enough, but that doesn’t exist). I could see that appealing to Jon more than Dany right now, but things change. From a neutral position, and whilst still having two full grown dragons, no one would be in a position to threaten the others unless they had the backing of the Targaryen’s. We also have to remember that Dany is not only presiding over Westeros, but Essos as well.

Dany can keep an eye on most of the world from Dragonstone, especially if they have Bran providing the real time intel and two Dragons to provide air strikes when needed. I could however see Daenerys being killed, or dying in childbirth or some such, leaving Jon basically on his own to raise a kid and never have any happiness himself, or vice versa.

Ultimately I think democracy is too far advanced for the world of Game of Thrones, for now anyway. But this alliance of sorts would please the people of each land, whilst also hopefully preventing the constant wars which have ravaged Westeros for ever. I also think this would qualify as fitting A Song of Ice and Fire author George RR. Martin’s vision of a bittersweet ending. Yes, they will have a peace finally, but at great, great cost of life to make that happen. The catalyst I am predicting will be Tyrion Lannister, “Oh bad Tyrion, what have you done?”

What do you think of this week’s Theories and what did you think of last week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Tell us what happens next in our very own Night’s Watch below.

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