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Game of Thrones fans, today is a good day! Not only do we get an ambiguous poster, the actual release date, but we get a cool trailer from HBO that features the creatures associated with each of the main houses; The Stag (Baratheons), The Wolf (Starks), The Lion (Lannisters), and The Dragon (Targaryens) — which depict Robert’s Rebellion, and the main players in most of this show. Then something terrible happens. Take a look.

To me, this just looked like all the house got destroyed and all the creatures end up in a White Walker body swirl. Is this a smokescreen, just a fun teaser, or a huge season spoiler? It is probably just for fun, and speaking of fun HBO also released a promo poster.

Promo Photo - HBO

Promo Photo -HBO

This image does not give us a whole lot, but one can assume it refers to the meeting of Dany and Jon Snow. There have been plenty of set photos already out there on spoilers sites which could give an indication of their meeting, but I shall not spoil. We have waited this long to see the aunt and nephew meet and finally become lovers and get married to take back the Iron Throne — that may be the most mind-boggling thing I have ever written — and it looks as if though this may happen sooner than we think.

They will still have great opposition from Cersei, however I think that when all is over that Jaime Lannister may be fighting on the side against his sister that he has been completely in love with for most of the series — wait, what kind of show is this – but could have changed his mind after Cersei destroyed half the city, causing their final son to kill himself. At least that is what the look that Jaime gave Cersei in the final episode of Season 6 foretold.

I do however believe Season 7 will be about the White Walkers, and we will not get the final Great Game until Season 8. However, my friends, the biggest news is that the release date for Season 7 will be:

July 16, 2017

So what is the verdict? Very cool new material to keep us hungry today, right? How do you think Game of Thrones will all end? Will it be Varys on the throne like I have always suspected? Let us know!

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Source: HBO

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