– by Nick Doll

Welcome to Breaking Geek, a column that just won’t go away, where uber-geek Nick Doll offers commentary, reactions, and theories regarding the most interesting news of the week (or whatever he feels like), using his expansive knowledge of all things geek!  Today: Geek Resolutions We All Should Aspire To.

Happy New Year, fellow Geeks!

With 2019 already underway, it’s not too late to make some New Year’s resolutions. Rather than just write a few for myself, I have a few suggestions for all the Geeks across the world. And no, I am not proposing we lose weight or get physically healthier. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s time to be the best Geeks we can be in 2019.

Let’s do it!

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Understand 10 Years Of MCU Before Endgame

Look, not everyone has seen all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films a dozen times each. Civilians, aka “the uninitiated,” need our help!

Ideally, you can force a loved one into watching all the films leading up to Avengers: Endgame between now and April, but you better start soon, as regular folk can’t handle as much at a time as we can. I could sit down and watch three in a day, but that would be too much in a week for say, my mom.

Most people won’t put in that commitment, so do what you can to help them. What about flashcards to help friends and family identify each character in the MCU up to this point? Or to explain Infinity Stones and their original location? Or, liquor them up and explain the entire MCU in a drunken rant?

I did the later for my friend before Infinity War, as even though he’s seen all the films… he’s no expert.

Or you can do what our editor-in-chief did leading up to Infinity War — compile a list of “necessary” MCU films to watch in order to understand it at a base level and fill in the blanks with quick PowerPoint presentations so they can get all the more specific references and plot points (no joke, he did that).

Watch Episode IX So You Can Finally Argue Intelligently About TLJ

Te-he-he. That get your blood boiling?

I mostly jest, but Star Wars: Episode IX will add new context to The Last Jedi, for better or worse. Just as Jammer is always preaching about not wanting to fully judge Infinity War until after seeing Endgame (silly fool).

It could go both ways. Everything could come clearly into view as Episode IX dazzles us all with brilliant payoffs to The Last Jedi. I already like that film, but too much course correction in IX could turn me against Last Jedi. Either way, we can have a slightly more intelligent conversation about TLJ after Episode IX.

Actually See Star Wars: Episode IX

I know things look bleak now, and Episode IX isn’t topping many Most Anticipated Films of 2019 lists, either here at LRM or sites like Fandango or IMDB.

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But, now is not the time to abandon Star Wars… that comes later. Like, possibly immediately after you see it, later. We shall see what trailers look like between now and December…

If You See A New Superhero You Love On Screen, Buy The Comic

Comics aren’t going anywhere, but there has been little impact on comic sales, even with movies based on them owning the Box Office.

I know I started reading comics in 2011, in anticipation for The Avengers, and I’ve only added titles since. It can be an expensive habit. But, consider picking up at least one issue or trade paperback of Captain Marvel if you love her character in the movie. Love Shazam!? Buy some DC comics and perhaps his last mini-series. Too excited for Endgame? Check out Infinity Gauntlet.

Show the creators and current writers you care about their contribution to comics mythology. After all, they don’t make nearly what the filmmakers are making, even when it comes to underpaid screenwriters vs comic book writers.

Don’t’ Tag Creators In Angry Twitter Tirades

Hate something all you want. Hate it publicly on Twitter or here on our comment sections at LRM. But don’t tag the creator on Twitter so they see the hate. They get it, if they want your opinions they’ll go looking, and do you think those like Rian Johnson don’t click #TLJ and #TheLastJedi when they are trending?

Maybe your complaint really is constructive criticism, which is a blurry line (though I still think most writers and directors do seek out those tweets themselves), but let these creators have some peace on days they’re not looking for punishment.

Definitely don’t harass actors online because you don’t like their character. That’s the least cool thing to do. And Geeks love being cool.

Avoid Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

If you keep watching them, Disney will keep making them. Maybe that’s your thing, which is cool.

But maybe if we don’t they’ll make more original films? Probably not, but it is worth a shot, don’t you think?

Do you have some New Year’s resolutions for your fellow Geeks? Share below!