– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Yesterday, we reported on the news that Jordan Peele’s horror film Get Out, which hit theaters earlier this year, would likely be nominated for Best Comedy or Musical for the Golden Globes. You heard that right. The HORROR movie is getting categorized as a comedy or musical by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Of course, the internet didn’t react too kindly to this. Sure, a movie about racism and interracial relationships could be a comedy, but the approach taken here was definitely not tongue in cheek by the filmmakers.

Peele himself took to Twitter to respond to this news. Here’s what he had to say.

Okay, then. Didn’t see that coming. Obviously, he’s poking fun at the whole deal. But is this a comedy? Well, maybe not. But perhaps we can help shed some light on the “why” behind it all.

While I poked at the HFPA for doing this, the reality is it was Universal’s doing, as they’re the ones who submitted the film in the category for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s because it was a social satire film, which are often comedy in nature. Another likely reason is that the studio didn’t think the genre film stood a chance in drama, and wanted a Golden Globe under their belts.

Regardless, we hope that Get Out knocks it out the park and locks down that award. As one of the highest rated films of the year, it certainly deserves it!

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SOURCE: Jordan Peele

  • BlackManINC

    What the f@ck? They are f@cking with us, they have to be. I’d be sh##ing my pants if I was Chris Washington’s situation.

    • Black Panther Returns

      Facts. I lived in Ohio for 18 yrs after living in Africa, now I’m in L.A. the Ohio experience was definitely a Horror experience, glad I made it out alive.

  • 5_deadly_venoms

    It should be nominated as a comedy. I know i was laughing as i watched at how corny this movie was. HORROR movie my ass

  • Victor Roa
  • Kindofabigdeal

    Again I have to say that this move was ok. It was nothing special. I don’t know what all the praise is about. It’s more surprising that we got a competent story out of Peele than anything else. He may go on to make something award worthy, maybe. As far as I’m concerned his move was on par with Split. Nothing groundbreaking, just a well made movie in the horror/thriller genre.
    Having said that I don’t mind a horror movie winning a comedy award if it deserves it. Does this deserve it? Depends on what other comedies are nominated along side.

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