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The marketing for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film seems to be coming at us at a breakneck pace. Only last week, we received another trailer for the film, and since then, we’ve received a couple of posters as well. With the film now less than a month away from its theatrical release, we can only imagine that a bevy of TV spots are also on the way.

Today, Paramount released not only a brand new IMAX poster, but a new clip from the film that shows Major waking up from what we can assume was her body-destroying accident.

Check out the IMAX poster below.

For the purposes of marketing, the studio certainly seems to be focusing on some of the more iconic imagery from the film. Not only have we seen a host of images featuring geisha-androids, but we’ve also had more than we can count of Scarlett Johansson in that body suit, and of the infamous fight in the shallows. Given that the original anime — which takes inspiration from the same manga source material as the upcoming film — features the body suit and shallows fight prominently, the studio knows they may be able to draw in die hard fans by using similar imagery. Secondly, they’re likely assuming that even those who aren’t familiar with the franchise will find it equally badass, and head out to the theaters anyway.

Now let’s discuss that new clip. This may be a bit of a sticking point for some. Check out the clip, and I’ll see you after the break!

Unlike in the original anime film, this one seems to really be delving into the whole “life lost,” aspect. This is nothing new, as the trailers have been pushing this from the beginning. What is new is the name of Scarlett Johansson’s character: Mira (or Meera, it’s not clear). That’s right, instead of the manga name Motoko Kusanagi, the character will be named Mira. Paramount has been mum on the name of the character until now. On the heels of the whitewashing controversy, it probably have gone over well that they went so far as to change the lead’s name.

What do you think of these new pieces of marketing? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Ghost in the Shell hits theaters on March 31, 2017!

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SOURCE: Paramount Pictures