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GLOW was a Netflix series that really could have just appealed to a small niche. Realistically, there are a good number of people out there who love professional wrestling and who would have enjoyed any series that delved behind the scenes of their favorite sport. Given the streaming service’s tendency to cater heavily to very specific niches, that would not have been a bad approach. But GLOW was so much more.

Like a good shonen anime, GLOW managed to get you to care about the character and effectively teach the must wrestling-illiterate human the basics of wrestling, and more importantly, get them to actually appreciate the art of putting on a wrestling show.

The first season taught us the ropes and gave audiences more than a handful of characters for us to care about. So what’s next for them in Season 2? Speaking with Deadline, showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch gave us an extensive tease.

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Mensch: In Season 2 you follow the women actually making the TV show. And I think that includes some new pressures and new competitiveness between people, and then also some new challenges for everyone. Then I think you watch some external pressures from the network and some other places bear down on them and kind of will the women to succeed and find a new way out. As Liz said, there’s so much more wrestling. I think you get to dive deeper into characters that we only scratched the surface of in Season 1. Tammé, I think you got to know a lot better, and other characters down the line. I think we took some new risks.

Flahive: I think with Season 1, we really took our time, deliberately. I think we knew we couldn’t go backwards once we taught them how to wrestle, and I knew we needed the structure of Season 1 to be the audition to the shooting of the pilot [of the show the characters shoot within the series]. And I think we were really excited for Season 2 because we had spent so much time introducing these characters and getting to know them a little bit, and setting up the rules of wrestling, and making sure the characters and the audience understood how we were using wrestling to tell our story. And then it just felt like in Season 2, the universe just got so much bigger in a way that was really exciting.

That’s a lot to dig into, but the basics seem to be this: The wrestling will improve and will be more prevalent than it was in the first season. We won’t be seeing them go backward in terms of their skills, and the stakes will be raised. This is all good stuff and exactly what we need out of a second season, but I hope the character development won’t be taking a backseat. Part of what I enjoyed so much was them easing us into the whole deal, and all the development we got along the way.

What do you think of their comments? What are you looking forward to most in GLOW Season 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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