Gotham: The Fall Of The Court, The Rise Of The Demon’s Head

Gotham returns with only one episode remaining until the two-hour season finale. What will happen now that Lee has injected herself with the Tetch virus?  Will Penguin and The Riddler have to continue to work together in order to take down The Court?  Read on to find out the key moments from this week’s episode:

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The Court — Wow, the acting leader of The Court doesn’t deal well with those who fail him.  At the beginning of the episode he orders the Talons to slit the throats of the current Court members due to killing Thomas and Martha Wayne in his absence.  Why does he care so much about the Wayne’s, and why would he destroy his own Court? The answer is that he never really served The Court, but the actual group he is affiliated with (The League of Assassins?) used them for their overall goal. The leader looks to be the one to spur Bruce on to his eventual transition into The Dark Knight.  Many thought that he may be Ra’s al Ghul, but it turns out he was merely working for him. This made sense as there were some similarities between this interpretation, and the Bruce and Henri Ducard / Ra’s role from the comics and Batman Begins. What is the main difference?  Obviously, Bruce won’t kill.  Even though the old man didn’t turn out to be Ra’s, he still told Bruce to, “Find the Demon’s Head”, which sets us up for the two-hour Season Finale. This originally seemed like an unnecessary story line to me, but in hindsight I have enjoyed to nods to the Batman movie-verse such as the Bruce / Ducard / Ra’s type story line and Selina being pushed out the window ala Batman Returns.

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The Riddler / Penguin Showdown — Nygma needs help.  He knows Penguin will be coming for him, so he invests in the help of Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch.  Now why would they want to help him?  Well, Nygma reminded them that they helped conspire against Penguin, so he would be coming for them as well.  This lead to the gauntlets being thrown down.  We were presented with another great battle of wits between Penguin and The Riddler, which is always entertaining. The other interesting part is that Selina seems to be the key for both sides.  She is obviously close to Ivy and Firefly, which can help Penguin, or The Riddler depending who Selina urges them to help.  This was a great example of the writers sticking close to the source material.  Selina has always been a character who is on one side; her own.  She never truly has allegiance to once person, and this depiction is no different.  I still am curious about how she survived the fall from the window.  This is something I wish they would have elaborated on more.  I assume it was supposed to be the same way Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle did in Batman Returns, but some more focus on this aspect of her character development would have been nice.

Lee Thompkins — Well, she obviously has the Tetch virus in her, and exhibits the same side-effects as Barnes did.  Why did she take it though? Whatever the reason, she stepped up the pissed off, jaded ex-girlfriend phase to a whole new level by burying Jim alive. The moment had a little Kill Bill feel to it, which was pretty interesting.  Lee goes to GCPD and lets Harvey and Alfred know that she has buried Jim alive.  She also gave him a way out…the Tetch virus. She said that she gave it to him in order for him to find his inner darkness.  Apparently she wants them to be together like she claims they should be…embracing their darkness.  Although portrayed well by Morena Baccarin, this part still seems odd to me.  I am not sure what exactly they are trying to do with Lee’s character, but it leads to Jim having to take the Tetch virus in order to break out of the coffin he was buried alive in. This doesn’t seem to fit as well as the rest of the story lines in the overall picture.  I personally would have rather had Mad Hatter out of Arkham, pulling the strings behind the distribution of the Tetch virus.

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The Return of Fish Mooney! — The Riddler, Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch corner Penguin, and just when it seemed like he was out of luck…Fish returned!  Who knows what she wants, but she took Penguin with her, and it was awesome to see her return!

That leads us to next week’s two-hour Season Finale!  What can we expect from “Freaks” of Gotham? How will Bruce transition to the hero we know he will become?  Why has Fish suddenly returned?  Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Gotham returns next Monday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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