Thor’s Hammer Teased For Avengers: Infinity War In Set Photo

If for some reason you have yet to see the trailer for the awesome-looking Thor: Ragnarok, then I highly recommend you do so before reading forward. The trailer is right above, so go ahead and

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Auditioned For Logan

Last year, the Netflix original series Stranger Things hit the streaming service. The show was a clever blend of horror, sci-fi, and ‘80s nostalgia — one that made for an incredibly rewarding watch for those

Iron Fist: What We Want To See In Season 2

Marvel and Netflix have created something truly special with their four superhero shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. They've established a unique, ongoing, and shared universe that not only respects each character's

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Director Doug Liman Doesn’t Think The Sequel Needs To Be Bigger

Back in 2014, Edge of Tomorrow hit theaters. It was a film that didn’t have the greatest marketing campaign, and couple that with the fact that Tom Cruise’s most recent film, Oblivion, had disappointed. With

Gotham: The Fall Of The Court, The Rise Of The Demon’s Head

Gotham returns with only one episode remaining until the two-hour season finale. What will happen now that Lee has injected herself with the Tetch virus?  Will Penguin and The Riddler have to continue to work

Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Teases Invisible Jet In Future Films

Back in the early 2000s, comic book movies required a lot of adaptation and reimagining for the big screen. While a lot of things worked pretty well in panels and in cartoon form, most filmmakers

This Crazy Pirates Of The Caribbean Effect Was Actually Practical!

Nowadays, fans can pretty much look to any big screen blockbusters and point to more than a handful of effects that are obviously CG. It’s one of the big weaknesses in today’s age of filmmaking.

Harry Potter: Fanmade Voldemort Movie Gets A Trailer — And It’s Surprisingly Good!

While fanmade films and projects have been a part of fandom for quite some time, never have they ever actually been produced so well and so frequently as they do now. You can venture on

Wonder Woman: First Reviews Hit The Web — And They Are Glowing!

Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe needed a win. Yes, each of their films has managed to be a success on a financial level — make no mistake there. However, over the course of their three

Justice League: New Promo Images Show Superman With The Rest Of The Team

Spoiler alert: Superman dies at the end of Batman v Superman. That being said, there probably aren’t very many folks out there who genuinely believed this would be the last we saw of him. First