– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Think these DC/TV projects are in cahoots? Aside from their joint panel at San Diego Comic-Con, they’ve also just released two new spots. The new one for The CW’s The Flash can be seen here, but now Fox has gone ahead and unspooled a new spot for its Batman prequel series Gotham.

The spot is called “The Good And Evil,” and it’s more of a featurette. Within its 30-second running time, we get Ben McKenzie out of character speaking to us about one of the primary thematic elements of the series, and then various jump shots of the villainy we can expect to glimpse on the show.

Check out this latest Gotham promo right here:

The one question I have about this show is how doomed the hero’s arc is. Aside from the obvious “We know how this ends” feeling that comes with prequel projects, this one seems particularly hamstrung. Not only does Jim Gordon fail, but he kind of has to fail. Otherwise Batman would never become necessary. I feel that really restricts the narrative. When he starts his fight against the evils of Gotham, Gordon’s essentially starting a battle that everyone knows he’s not going to win. Might sound cool in a poetic, “tragic hero” sort of way, but in terms of trying to engage an audience for several years, I’m curious what the writers have up their sleeves to make it not seem like Gordon is basically just nosediving through a fruitless suicide mission.

We shall see.

Gotham premieres on Fox on Monday, September 22nd.

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