– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Despite the ho-hum critical response given to Batman: The Killing Joke earlier this summer, the animated film’s stars were spared blame for the disappointing film. That’s because they weren’t any run-of-the-mill voice actors; They were Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. The actors have carved out revered legacies for themselves as The Joker and Batman, respectively, in the last 20+ years that they’ve been associated with the characters. So when Batman: The Killing Joke didn’t quite live up to its potential, fans knew better than to blame the iconic performers.

But now that Batman: The Killing Joke is behind them, do Hamill and Conroy see themselves tackling other sacred Batman stories? During an appearance at Canada’s 2016 Fan Expo, the actors dropped two huge names. 

When asked by a fan where they would love to go next, here’s the playful exchange the actors had at their panel:

Conroy: “What do you think about doing ‘Hush’?”

[Crowd Erupts]

Hamill: “What do you think about doing ‘A Death In The Family’?”

Hush and A Death In The Family are definitely classic books, and they sit alongside Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke on the shelves of many a Bat fan. Hamill and Conroy sat out the animated film version of The Dark Knight Returns, and many folks were overcome with excitement when they signed on for Batman: The Killing Joke, but one can only imagine how quickly the hype train would leave the station if A Death In The Family were to be announced. 

The question becomes, would the folks at DC Entertainment surround Hamill and Conroy’s considerable talents with equally impressive filmmakers? Batman: The Killing Joke was a rare misfire for DC and Warner Bros. Animation, so we can only hope that- if they do tackle other classics- they bring their A-game, instead of simply relying on A-list voice actors. 

SOURCE: Screen Geek

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