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Recently, we reported on the claim from Star Wars News Net that director Ron Howard reshot most of the the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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With that bold claim, it’s easy for fans to become worried that the end product will ultimately feel like a total rush job. However, a new claim from actress Thandie Newton may slightly contradict that claim. Here’s what the actress had to say to EW about her experience.

“Apart from the initial shock and feeling bad for [Lord and Miller] not being able to finish their work, their work is everywhere in it. Ninety percent of my stuff is with them. And it certainly wasn’t about, ‘Oh we have to start again and do it all over.’”

Of course, while this would SEEM to contradict the 80 percent reshoot claim, that’s not necessarily the case. At this time, we have no idea just how extensive Newton’s role is, and as such, it’s very possible that reshoots simply required less from her character.

However, Newton went on to praise current director Ron Howard, as well as former directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and from the sound of it, the latter duo may have been in contact with Howard.

“Obviously, it was a surprise. I love Phil and Chris — everybody loves Phil and Chris — they’re so brilliant. Ron and the guys were talking to each other. As far as I’m concerned what’s on screen, in the end, is going to be an amazing collaboration. It’s a massive piece. We see so often now there are two directors working on pictures. We already had two with Phil and Chris. Now there’s three. With a project like that where it’s a vision that’s been created over so many years, that’s so expansive, I think it’s less about things going wrong than getting more help to bring it into the best position it can be in. I really like Ron though, he’s very sweet. And [the film is] dope; it’s so cool! And it’s such a great cast with Phoebe [Waller-Bridge], [Alden] Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Woody [Harrelson] and, of course, you know the wonderful Game of Thrones angel, Emilia [Clarke].”

Very interesting. We’re honestly not completely sure what to make of this. Of course, we hope the film will ultimately be a great one, but we’re more curious about how much can be attributed to Howard, how much to the other pair, and whether or not they actually collaborated.

We may never know.

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