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Happy New Years To All Of The Readers Of LRM!!!

Over the past 6 days we have given away $300 worth of Amex Gift Cards for our viewers who signed up for our daily newsletter.  In the spirit of the New Year and the participation from the previous days of the giveaway we have decided to give away a $200 Amex Gift Card.  All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter by completing the form below.  For our mobile readers just send an email to contest@lrmonline.com 

This year LRM will be giving away different types of awesome gifts like Exclusive Convention Items, Comic Convention Tickets, Collector Items, and more Gift Cards only to our readers through our daily newsletter.  That’s right, readers who subscribe to our newsletter will be able to have a chance to win our Giveaways this year.  So it is very important that you sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already to have a chance for our Giveaways.

This is an LRM Exclusive for all of our viewers/listeners.  We want to thank you for your support and your loyalty.  Our contributors strive to bring you the best entertainment news as 2016 was a big year for LRMonline.com!  LRM brought you many exclusives

— Los Fanboys Weekly Podcast, hosted by Joseph and Mario

— LRMTV Podcast, hosted by Mike and Mark

— ComicUno Weekly Roundup News Video hosted by Kat Calamia

— 9PanelGrid Weekly Podcast, hosted by Jace and Manny

— The Weekend Warrior by Ed Douglas

— Dark Web Digital Series – One very lucky winner is on his way to producing his own Episode – stay tuned for this exclusive only on LRMonline.com.

— We brought you first-hand coverage from multiple Comic Conventions around the country, NY Comic Con, Dragon Con, HeroesCon, LA Comic Con, Stan Lee’s Comic Con and many more …….

— We introduced new contributors covering everything from movies, tv shows, comic books, comic conventions and anything else that LRM loyal fans would want to know.

NOW, to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty, we are giving away one gift card each day of various amounts leading up to January 1st!  All you have to do for a chance to win a gift card is sign up for our daily newsletter that will give you all the updates in Film, Television, and Comic news.  So, fill out the form below and look for the winners to be announced on December 31st!

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